Last month we launched, and the response has been underwhelming. To keep our Product Manager, Kyle, from throwing himself out of one of the windows I thought I would take time from my weekly column to show you just how awesome the first version of this tool is, and give you some free traffic.

What is

It is a pretty straight forward tool that lets you pull from the APIs of major social networks to find out how often a URL is getting shared. We will be adding a lot more features, and today it is pretty basic, but basic things can be awesome; case in point, the wheel or fire.

The features as they exist today:

  1. Ability to bulk load URLs to run large amounts of analysis
  2. The ability to save your URLs for future use
  3. Ability to scan URLs over time, and schedule scanning to find out how your content is being shared over time.

How to Use to Get Women

Women like smart dudes, trust me I netted an incredibly beautiful woman as my wife and it was not due to my amazing circumference. can make you wicked smart in regards to how your competition is using content to beat you. All of these steps will be in the software shortly, but here is a great way to get insight into your competition. (If you are a woman, you are already smart, so you are likely already using

Step 1: Pull in your competition sitemap or blog feed

Used XPath combined with Google Docs to handle this, but if you have any basic PHP experience you should be able to manage this quite easily.

Here is the XPath example for standard sitemap markup:

and here is the XPath example for standard RSS markup:

Now we should have an awesome list of URLs. so we “copy” and go to our bulk upload feature.

Step 2: Register!

Seriously, Kyle is out on the ledge right now!

Step 3: You go to the “My Account” tab and select “My Sites”

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 8.01.30 AM

Once in “My Sites” go to “Add New Sites” and you can now past your list of URLs.

You will get a screen that looks like the following in your “My Sites.” Now you have an awesome view of all the content your competition has created, which is most popular etc. But it gets better.

Step 4: Set Up Your Scanning

Go to your account setting and setup how often you want scans to happen.

Then you go back to your “My Sites” and select “Schedule” for each piece of content.

This will allow you to track how many shares the content adds over time.

Step 5: Get Insight and Dominate (Also get cool line graphs)

Your scan will look like the one below…

What you are able to see here is how many shares the content not only has on a given day, but how it is changing over time. This gives you pretty amazing insight into how your competitors’ content is working over time. We are going to be synching with Google Analytics long term so you can figure out traffic per share numbers, and if you know that for you, you can figure it out for your competition.

How are You Smarter?

Now you know not only what content works for your competition but also the following:

  1. Where they are promoting it (where did the uplift in shares first happen)
  2. Which content is evergreen on social media

Women will find this irresistible.

Wait There’s More

We have been quietly working on an automated program that uses social advertising and organic submissions to generate traffic and shares. That’s what the “Promote” button is in It’s white hat and awesome. Yes you can buy your own social ads, but we have perfected the format for buying social advertising that generates content exposure.

How Does Content Curation Work?

Article: Why You Can’t Force Something to Go Viral


This was a $100 promotion done as an example of what our system is currently capable of. The content was static for a month, and not particularly viral in nature, so we felt it was a great example of what is capable with standard sharebait.


The Process

1. We place content on platforms that match the content audience


Facebook – We add the content to one of our curation portals that are specially created for an optimized audience.

Pinterest – We have created audience optimized and community curated boards. (not used in this example)

2. We optimize advertising on the platforms to assure maximum visibility

3. We report via on share metrics. (Traffic reporting will be available shortly for Google Analytics users)



* It’s important to note that we are not seeing a heavy correlation between sponsored story actions and traffic. Currently it is a 4 to 1 ratio of shares to visits on Facebook. I plan on writing a post about this suspicious phenomenon.


2186 Entrances

This puts the traffic cost on this curation at $.043 per click.

It is worth noting that we are seeing costs as low as $.024 per click, but this depends on the content.

Plans for Expansion

Our social curation offering will be expanding into Reddit ads (non-organic), Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Our focus is to play by a community’s guidelines, while extracting maximum value for the client. This is why we will curate on Pinterest organically and not on Reddit. Platforms such as Stumbleupon and Reddit respond well to advertisers and negatively to being organically gamed, where Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook openly accept advertisers taking part in the curation of great content.


Our pricing is simple, we guarantee 1 share for every $.10 spent

Shares include:

  • Stumbles
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Facebook Comments
  • Tweets
  • Pins
  • Google + shares

This means a $100 promotion is guaranteed to reach 1,000 shares. All of our campaigns are blowing past their minimums today, and bringing with them the traffic and viral value associated with this heavy platform based sharing.


We guarantee we don’t engage in the use of scripts to increase traffic and shares, and we look to minimize the impact of platform based issues on traffic value.


The first 20 people to register at, and put in a URL to “Promote”, select the $50 credit package will receive it free. You do not need to enter the PayPal details on the page you will be sent to following selecting the package. I will email everyone letting them know their status.

So today you can get a minimum of 500 free shares and visitors simply by registering for and selecting a package, plus you may save a life, isn’t that right Kyle.