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WTF Is A Cookie, Anyway? Do You Really Know, Or Just Think You Do?

This month’s column was inspired by a very brave CMO who bluntly asked, during a recent conversation, “WTF is a cookie, anyway?” This particular gent is smart — he controls a marketing budget of over $30m a year, a reasonable enough portion of which is digital. His question stems from the many ways our industry […]

Ten Desirable Traits of Social Media Managers

If you read Courtney Gordner’s insightful article titled Social Media Training: 10 Reasons Why You Need A Community Manager you understand the role of social media managers in your website’s success, or lack thereof. In fact, social media community managers have gained so much importance, that they even have a Community Managers Appreciation Day. […]

12 Most Creative Ways to Promote Your Professional Brand—Without Social Media

You don’t have to be a marketer to master the art of getting people to know—and care—about your brand. You have more resources than you think. And while social media can do a lot to get your name out there, there’s a whole world of promotional opportunities beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. […]

What Snapchat Lacks In Security it Makes Up for in Ideals

Snapchat is light, fast and a little bit secretive, as a platform. Other than the multitude of attacks that have happened recently, it remains a fairly private and quiet kind of social network. But according to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, there are a lot of implications for social media, and personal computing based on […]

Monday’s Fresh Pressed: Content Creation

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