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8 Tips To Improve Your Calls To Action For Your eCommerce Website

What are the words that may urge shoppers to take specific and relevant actions after landing on your website? Words like “Write now”, “call now” “click now” that will arouse a wish among the shoppers to purchase are called “calls to action”. The main purpose of this feature in a retail advertisement is to […]

What is Paid Search (PPC) and Why Do You Need It?

Paid search marketing has many names, wears many guises and works alongside many other nebulous terms.Search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM) search engine advertising, sponsored listings, paid for placement, and that’s before you get to services provided by the search engines themselves – Google AdWords, Yahoo Bing […]

Retargeting: 5 New Statistics That May Surprise You

Retargeting is hot right now. Serving ads to consumers based on their previous Internet actions has proven to be a uniquely powerful form of online advertising. But if you’ve only heard the hype about retargeting, you may be surprised to learn some of the facts and figures. The Chango-Digiday Retargeting Barometer Q4 2013 sought […]

Just One Pin on Pinterest can Help You Earn 78 Cents on Average, Study Shows

Piqora, the third-party and unofficial marketing and analytics service for Pinterest, has revealed findings about how the visual bookmarking and curation site drives e-commerce, after analyzing 1,000 brands between February 1 to October 31 this year. It was found that on average during that period a Pin drives two site visits and six pageviews […]

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