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Fresh Pressed: 12/10/2013

Today’s Category: Connections

SEO: You’re Now Being Graded on the Curve

SEO or whatever your firm is calling it these days is not dead, yet as my daily emails come in with SEO-related articles, I see the plethora of ‘SEO is Dead’ posts mounting. Though I know it’s not and most would roll their eyes at the thought of reading one more such post, I […]

Google Authorship: 1 Completely Unscientific Experiment + 13 Killer Resources

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder who writes up the documentation for Google. When they first announced the rel=author tag and Authorship configuration procedure on one of Google’s 11 blogs that I subscribe to, I jumped right on it and devoured the information and the process they described. Then I read […]

How to Map Out Your Content Placement

Whenever you’re planning your content strategy, you have a lot of options in terms of where you can place your content. You can publish content to your own blog or upon other blogs as either guest posts or sponsored posts. The question is, how do you determine which sites are best for what types […]

2014: the Mobile SEO Timebomb

Over the last four months, Google has been ramping up its publicity of a more aggressive target for mobile site performance: sub one second page load times. Enforcement of this aspiration comes from Google’s usual source: algorithmic rewards for sites achieving this goal. You just need to look at how industry commentary has exploded […]

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