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Fresh Pressed: 12/4/2013

Today’s Category: Curation

4 Pinterest Tools to Grow and Measure Your Pinterest Presence

Do you need help measuring your Pinterest activity? Are you wondering which tools can help you grow your followers on Pinterest? In this article, I’ll show you 4 tools to help you analyze and grow your presence on Pinterest. Why Pinterest Tools? The average Pinterest user follows nine brands and spends just over 15 […]

Ten Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Social Media

The term “guerrilla marketing” describes an advertising strategy that engages low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that produces maximum results. Jay Conrad Levinson first coined the term in his 1984 book titled “Guerrilla Advertising.” Guerrilla warfare inspired the term. This irregular form of warfare uses tactics such as ambushes, sabotage, raids and elements of surprise. Guerrilla […]

Tumblr Adds Sponsored Trending Blogs To Mobile Apps

Tumblr announced it was introducing mobile ads back in March, and will start rolling out Sponsored Trending Blogs to the iOS and Android app this month. Sponsored Trending Blogs launched in July, and allow brands to gain more followers by displaying their blog to users in specific countries. The new ads, Tumblr’s fifth new […]

5 Tips to Help Busy Small Business Owners Better Manage their Social Media

Our client list is comprised almost entirely of small business owners and solopreneurs. As small business owners ourselves, we 1,000% understand what it’s like to manage all aspects of building and running a profitable business with an extremely small staff because that’s what we personally do day-to-day as well. A good chunk of our […]

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