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10 Things You Should Know About Guest Blogging

As Google imposed more limitations on SEO based articles, bloggers nowadays are directed to publish only unique contents. This will benefit most of the true bloggers who love to write original and useful contents. On the other hand, this creates a relatively higher competition for generating traffic to the blogs. So, most of the […]

The Secret To Staying Relevant With Authorship

At PubCon last year, Google’s Matt Cutts discussed big changes to the search results, many of which we’ve seen played out over the past several months. In his talk, he mentioned upcoming improvements to authorship results. A couple months later in December, Google confirmed it had started tightening the belt when it came to […]

A New SEO Approach to Content Strategy

Once, an SEO that I esteem told that the best SEO is the invisible one, and I firmly believe that he – Adam Audette – was completely right. SEO is technical marketing, which is the same as saying it is a discipline of marketing that uses the technicalities specific of the medium used as the channel […]

A Wakeup Call: Are You Prepared for the Day Your Rankings Vanish?

Here’s a little secret: Smart SEOs expect to lose their rankings. It might not even be a penalty. Maybe it’s a competitor who will pull ahead of you in the search results. Maybe it’s an algorithm update that will redirect a dramatic portion of your audience. Someday, maybe, a more advanced Siri clone will […]

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