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Fresh Pressed: 2/5/2014

Today’s Category: Curation

Why Your Twitter Disclaimer Does More Harm Than Good

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times: My tweets do not represent the opinion of my employer. Is it just me, or is this the most ridiculous statement ever? Every time I see it, I get twitchy. Because it anything, you’re making things worse.People think that this disclaimer justifies […]

Google Vows to Reduce Fake YouTube Views

Google is stepping up its efforts to stop what it calls “fraudulent” views on YouTube videos. Google, which owns YouTube, said that reports of fake views on the video sharing website’s videos have been brought to its attention recently. Various tools are available online for people to redirect or buy views, with Google noting […]

Now 10 Years Old, Facebook Finds Mobile Maturity (and a New Lease on Life)

Facebook turns 10 today. In human years, the social network is too young to stay home and watch TV alone, but in tech startup years, it’s a geriatric. For the past few years – and especially since Snapchat stole the hearts and minds of our nation’s tweens (and perverts) – Facebook has started smelling stale. It […]

Do Contests Work on Twitter?

I did some research on Twitter contests by pulling the most engaging tweets from Twitter accounts for more than 12,000 companies for the month of January. There was a lot to learn from these tweets: Fashion is big. Sports & music can really get people going. But the #1 way to get engagement on […]

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