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5 Questions Designers Should Ask Themselves Before Joining Any Startup

We’re on a roll as more designers succeed on the path of entrepreneurship, but how do we decide which startups to work with? We need to be more diligent about not spending our scarce attention working on startups that go nowhere and learn how to pick ones that actually live up to all the […]

Think People Hate Marketing? Try the Right Content in the Right Place

I have a hypothesis that I tend to look at clocks when there is a pattern present. It always reads things like 11:11, 12:34, or 5:55. Happens all the time. I’ve told my wife this on more than one occasion. And every time I do… she tells me I am crazy. She thinks I […]

I Wrote a Blog Post and What Happened Next Will Not Amaze You

Much ado has been said about the latest headline writing techniques, such as: I wrote a blog post and what happened next will amaze you. I wrote a blog post and you’ll never guess how people reacted. This totally shocked me after watching people read my blog post. This blog post might totally change your […]

30+ Fascinating Facts About Google – Infographic

Is Google the King of the internet? While not number one in every category, the sheer size and scope of their reach assures them a place at the head of the pack. And to give you an idea of how big Google really is our pals at Best Computer Science Degrees have put together […]

Monday’s Fresh Pressed: Content Creation