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Don’t Share Leads, Share Lead Intelligence

The exchange of information between an organizations’s marketing team and sales team is a crucial piece of the overall puzzle of Smarketing. It’s not difficult to wrap your head around this statement; in fact, you might call it obvious. The meat of the matter is found in the information exchanged. What information needs to […]

76% of Second-Screeners aren’t Looking for TV-Related Content: Report

Second screening is a fact of life in our new mobile-enhanced world. Regardless of how interesting a TV show might be, viewers will always turn to their phone to check messages, share their thoughts via Twitter, or just aimlessly browse Instagram. As with all changes in consumer behavior, marketers are falling over themselves to […]

Tying Online and Offline Data Together Using Google Universal Analytics

As Google continues to shift all analytics users to Universal Analytics, marketers are becoming increasingly interested in the different ways the tool can be used to benefit their own businesses or their clients. Traditional Google Analytics first enabled marketers to look at everything happening on their website, from form fills to page visits to […]

9 Landing Page Design Techniques That Will Make You a Conversion Hero

What happened? You’ve crafted the perfect landing page copy. It’s downright brilliant. It’s persuasive and succinct. It cuts to the heart of your offer, focuses on the visitor and is set to blow your control page out of the water. You hit launch. Away it goes. Traffic pours in from your campaigns and you […]

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