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Oh! The Things You Can Do … With Hootsuite!

I think it is time to take a deeper look into all you can achieve with Hootsuite. I know I am often guilty of simply using Hootsuite to schedule and respond quickly to tweets and posts. But there’s so much more on offer! Hootsuite offers so many ways to increase your reach and productivity. […]

How to Find Relevant Subreddits for Your Business

There are dozens of ways to benefit from reddit. From sourcing a creative content strategy to funneling leads from targeted advertising, reddit offers many opportunities for businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses employ marketers or public relations practitioners who neglect vital elements of this particular platform. For example, some of the simply fail to understand the […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Good Social Media Manager

It goes nearly without saying that a social media presence is a must for any organization these days. Fact of the matter is that, whether you are present or not, the public is bound to be talking about your products and service – and knowing what they are saying is critical to properly targeting your […]

The New Buzzword That is 100 Percent Bulls***

“Social Selling” is a term that has got to go. If I never hear the phrase “social selling” again, it will be too soon. It seems now that the hippies have come around to understanding they can’t sell social media to the C-Suite based on joining the conversation and singing “Kumbaya” alone, they’ve gone […]

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