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Today’s Category: Conversion

What are some top strategies for conversion optimization?

Don’t try to create a frankenstein website that leverages all of the recommendations below. You should consider this a tool box of techniques to test on your site and figure out the practical and impractical usage of these techniques as it relates to your product and customers, and how these techniques fit into your overall product and design […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Landing Page Copy that Sticks

Have you ever wondered if your landing page is … missing something? You look at the conversion stats on your latest landing page and sigh in disgust. Yeah, some people are subscribing or buying, but you know you should be seeing better results. Say you’ve thoughtfully used one of the classic “How to” or “List” headline templates because you know that they work […]

How to Use Content to Generate High-Quality Leads

One of the most frequent reasons companies want to use content marketing is to generate high-quality leads. And I couldn’t agree more – content marketing is terrific for finding leads that fit your optimal target market, but to do it well, you need to know the right strategies […]

Three Quick Steps for Turning Content into Conversations about Your Business

Establishing a content marketing approach can be daunting. Even the largest brands with a generous supply of resources to commit to the process often struggle to determine the right method for generating and distributing content. So for small businesses with limited resources and staff, content marketing might seem like an unnecessary luxury […]

Turn Copy Into Customers – 7 Lessons From The Legendary Joseph Sugarman

The first step in the copywriting process is to become an expert in whatever you’re about to sell. Whether it’s a product or a service, you need to pick up enough specific knowledge to find the right details to effectively sell to customers […]

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