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Fresh Pressed: 8/13/2012


Published: August 13, 2012 (Updated: August 21, 2019)

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Content Creation For Bloggers

Many times when my clients say they want to blog, I ask them are they sure. Not because I doubt them, but because I want them to understand that blogging isn’t just a notion. It’s not: boom; you write, you make money, & you quit your job. It’s a very rewarding career for enthusiast about […]

 Positive Content Has a Better Chance of Going Viral, Study Says

A paper by University of Pennsylvania Wharton School professors Jonah Berger and Katherine L. Milkman indicates that web content is more likely to go viral if it creates a positive response in readers. People share media for a number of reasons, including altruism, a need to appear helpful or knowledgeable, and social transmission. Social transmission […]

21 Essential Gadgets to Boost Conference Content Creation & Travel Productivity

One of the best ways to gain business value from attending conferences and events is by creating content. I’ve been liveblogging and doing interviews at conferences for many years and so have many of the team at TopRank Online Marketing. We’ve created hundreds of blog posts this way, providing our readers with useful tips and […]

Content Creation Post-Penguin and Panda

As Google is now more concerned with value of content the types of things you need to write have changed and it’s not just a case of whacking up 300 words about each keyword you want to rank for. Your content needs to offer value to potential customers so when you consider content creation look […]

Easy Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Marketing strategy includes a few best practices to employ in order for businesses to conduct themselves successfully.   The most important of which is engaging the network of fans that are interested in following your presence with content they will want to interact with. Although the endorsement of your brand is apparent when […]

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