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Fresh Pressed: 8/16/2012

Today’s Category: Conversion

CRM Retargeting: The Shiny New Advertising Tactic?

What if banner ads could become as targeted and relevant as emails? One of the emerging trends in online advertising promises to make this possible. Rather than targeting an audience based on various characteristics, CRM retargeting allows you to target segments of your CRM database with online ads. How it works […]

7 WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers

When you want to attract your visitors’ attention on your blog, at times you need to do something different. Hellobar is a narrow bar that appears across the top of your website with a message that encourages people to click on it. This is a less intrusive way of grabbing your users’ attention. By using […]

The “Secret” Method Experts Like Perry Marshall Use To Double Or Triple Their Sales Page Conversion Rates

Once upon a time, making money on the web was as simple as putting up a red-headline-yellow-highlighter sales page, and buying clicks on Google. Those days, thankfully, are now gone. Between “today’s economy” and living in Scamworld, people online are rather less willing to part with their money, and rather more cynical about your […]

Segment Surprises! How Digging Deeper Can Turn the Testing Tables

We recently completed a test for an e-commerce client with some very interesting results.  The campaign focused on the color of the Add to Cart button.  What we expected to be a simple, straightforward test ended up provided some insightful results—results that underlined the importance of segment behavior. The control has a navy blue […]

Multi-Touch Attribution & Conversion: Does It Matter?

When it comes to multi-touch attribution, I recently realized that most advertisers have pretty much the same questions: How does one know whether it is worth digging into the conversion funnel? What are common patterns from a multi-touch standpoint? How can one actually leverage the conversion funnel? Based on my conversations, here […]


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