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Fresh Pressed: 8/17/2012


Published: August 17, 2012 (Updated: August 21, 2019)

 Today’s Category: Random Entertainment

I can’t think of a better way to end a busy workweek than with a fun Fresh Pressed. While scouring the Internet to search for the best articles relevant to our Content Life Cycle, it’s typical to come across a few entertaining articles, fun news stories, photos, etc. that have nothing to do with the phases of the Content Life cycle, but are equally share-worthy (at least in my humble opinion).

Use This “Powerful” Marketer’s Thesaurus To Electrify Your Writing

Wait a minute.  The title of this article paints the wrong picture. We aren’t just talking about writing blog posts or sales copy. All of the following can be improved with this marketer’s thesaurus: Email subject lines, Presentation titles, Event names, Video scripts, Podcast scripts, Any time you are communicating with other humans […]

10 Amazingly Creative Facebook Covers [Infographic]

I forgot where I saw it first, but some dude made his Facebook Cover image look like it was a G+ profile. That gave me the idea to trick-out my Facebook page as if it was my Triberr profile page. Both examples are included in this infographic. I hope you’ll get inspired to do something funny, […]

Disney’s face cloning creates more realistic (less creepy) animatronic robots

Creating realistic, humanoid robots seems to be one thing the technology world hasn’t conquered successfully yet. Humanoid robots always seem to look frightening — right in the deepest depths of the uncanny valley — but at Disney animatronics are key for many of their attractions and rides. Disney Research has come up with a system that accurately […]

50 Things Every Marketer Should Do Before They Die

Think you’re a Rockstar marketer? Let’s find out. Scan the list below and add up your total, multiply it by 2 and add a % at the end – that’s your Rockstar score. Everything that’s left is your marketing bucket list. Get a difficult phrase to rank #1 in Google (i.e. not some random niche […]

Charles Negy, Professor, Says Students Showed ‘Religious Arrogance And Bigotry’ In A Letter Later Posted On Reddit

Dr. Charles Negy, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Central Florida, had to email an extra, elementary lesson to his students — one so basic and of such societal value that it was posted on Reddit. Striking a tone somewhere between ivory tower and a mother’s lecture, Negy challenged his students to step […]


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