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Today’s Category: Random Fridays

As promised, here is your weekly dose of miscellaneous news stories, entertainment, and Hurricane advisories?

Google acquires Frommer’s Travel Guides from Wiley

Wiley announced in March that it was selling Frommer’s along with other consumer lines like Webster’s New World dictionaries and CliffsNotes. Revenue from the combined assets up for sale was around $80 million for fiscal year 2012, with Frommer’s making up an undisclosed portion of that. Wiley’s fiscal year 2012 revenues totaled $1.78 billion […]

Isaac forecast: Storm could hit as hurricane near Pensacola, Fla.

The latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center puts a poorly organized center for Isaac 163 miles south of Santo Domingo. The storm currently is posting maximum sustained winds of 45 miles an hour and is churning along its path at about 15 miles an hour. Current projections have Isaac making landfall as a hurricane […]

How Optimizing My Ugly Google+ Pic Increased Free Traffic 35%

By controlling how our snippets appear in search results, we could greatly improve our click-through rates and the amount of free traffic we saw. But times are changing. For better or worse, Google has now stepped up its title tag-rewriting algorithm so that webmasters can no longer predict how their title tags will […]

14 Website Mergers We Wish Would Happen

Even great ideas can’t overcome the harsh realities of physics. If you’ve ever tried to eat a Doritos Locos Taco without staining the front of your shirt, you’ve learned this the hard way. Whether it’s music or movie trailers, mash-ups tend to work better in the digital realm. We asked you […]

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