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Fresh Pressed: 8/7/2012


Published: August 7, 2012 (Updated: August 21, 2019)

Allow me to introduce, Fresh Pressed: your daily link roundup.

We follow multiple feeds from a variety of sources across the Internet to find tips, articles, & helpful news stories to pass on to our CopyPressed readers.

Each day we will feature articles, news, & links that relate to one of the phases of the CopyPress lifecycle.

Today’s category: Content Creation

Simple Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Have you ever experienced times where you are sitting in front of a blank page or blank screen and absolutely nothing comes to mind? I’ve been there as both a blogger and a novelist. I have a few tips to share with you that you can use the next time that you are struggling with […]

If Your Content Doesn’t Excite You, It’s Time To Rethink

Ask yourself if the content you provide on your blog, social channel or email newsletter excites you. And don’t just say, “Of course, it does! I write it!” and dismiss the question. Actually take yourself out of your own mindset and worldview for a moment. Put yourself in the mindset of a customer. Now […]

88 Content Creation Ideas for Better Business Blog Posts, Images, or Videos

Coming up with new ideas for engaging, high quality content on a regular basis isn’t easy. Fresh content not only helps with your search engine optimization strategy; it shows your social following you are active and engaged in your industry and local community. It’s also a great opportunity to provide new and helpful information to […]

Content and Beyond: How is Social Media changing Content Creation?

It’s hard to deny that Social Media is important for modern businesses to explore. The statistics speak for themselves – according to Ofcom, 50% of UK adults use social networking sites at home. But recognizing them as a new communications channel is one thing: understanding them is quite another. If you think you can take […]

How To Create Content When You’d Rather Be Doing Something Else

It’s summer. Do you really want to be reading 5 tips for barbecuing Pandas or an infographic on 7 ways to club a Penguin? Wouldn’t you rather be drinking a glass of wine while nibbling on cured meats, local cheeses and a nice piece of fruit? Of course you would! Va bene. But those […]

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