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The Future of Technology and Internet Marketing

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Technology changes continually, and this means that the world of internet marketing is also constantly changing. An important part of a successful digital marketing campaign is keeping up with these changes, as well as anticipating upcoming trends and planning for them. Here are some of the things we can expect from the future of technology and internet marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

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While there are reports of artificial intelligence (AI) dating back as far as the 1950s, it has not really taken off until the last few years. Artificial intelligence is being incorporated into almost every aspect of our daily internet lives. It is no surprise that it is also one of the most important technology expectations in the future of the digital marketing industry.

We can expect to see an increase in the use of artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots. Bots are currently being used to assist with placing orders, handling consumer complaints, and to answer frequently asked questions. Implementing bots into your current marketing strategy can be advantageous because of their ability to interact with customers during all hours and because that interaction can provide insights that will improve the consumer experience.

Virtual Reality

The advancement of technology has made it possible for consumers to shop anywhere in the world without ever leaving their houses. As we move into an internet-dominated marketing world, businesses risk losing the personal experience with their customers. Shoppers who use the internet to make clothing, accessory, and home decor purchases increasingly force businesses to find new ways to get their products in front of these consumers.

While you can run paid ads and reach customers over social media, there is still the obstacle of testing the products. Virtual reality gives consumers the ability to virtually try on items or to see how furniture and art will look in their homes. Travel companies are transporting customers to their dream locations, shoe stores are inviting them to take part in charitable experiences, and large retailers are letting them try on clothing in the comfort of their homes.


Although social media and content marketing remain a crucial part of any internet marketing campaign, the specific success metrics are constantly changing. New social media algorithms prioritize engaging content and posts that are personalized to a user’s specific needs.

Social media users will already notice the push toward the story feature, which tends to be more engaging. Instagram has recently rolled out a story feature, and apps like Snapchat have already been using it for years. Some even expect stories to be the foundation of all digital marketing strategies in the months and years going forward. A great method for combining engaging content with a unique experience and to increase brand visibility is to share clips or snippets of well-researched content to other internet channels, like stories or social media.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is definitely not a new concept, but it has taken a leap into importance over the last year as a solution to the recent social media algorithm changes. Videos tend to be more engaging and interesting than other forms of content. Consumers also are more likely to stop and view a video on their news feed than they are a paid ad. This has resulted in a push toward the use of videos in digital marketing practices.

Over the next year, we can expect to see an increase in video marketing. Larger businesses with more resources will put out more professionally created videos with larger ad spends. Even smaller businesses will find their spot in the trend with features like Facebook Live and with the influx of free video creators hitting the market in anticipation of this trend.

Social Media

Social media marketing has been around for many years. In fact, the majority of smaller businesses that initially held out in hopes that it was just a trend are now joining at a rapid pace. It is no surprise that it has stuck around as the internet has become more important than ever before. In fact, consumers today almost expect the businesses they frequent to be reachable on social media.

The biggest change that we can expect to see in the future of social media marketing is a more analytical approach. Simply having a social media presence is no longer enough. Businesses want to know what is working for them and how it is working. Whether they are measuring success in conversions, brand awareness, or engagement, we are likely to see an increase in the analytical tools available for measuring social media results. We are also already seeing a change in social media content. The content posted on social media accounts is just as important as the content posted on-site.

Voice Search

This technology has been around for a few years now. But we have all given up in frustration after the third attempt of asking Siri to find a local attraction for us, only to have her not understand the request. Mobile developers are improving upon their voice search results and are getting closer to a near-perfect voice search ability. This trend is accelerated by more consumers relying on their smartphone as their primary internet source.

Adjusting to an increase of voice search will have a few implications for businesses. To begin with, search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will need to be adjusted. The search terms for voice search tend to be longer and more top-level funnel-based than shorter typed searches. It will also be more important to focus on natural language patterns when creating content. The addition of schema markups will also be important for SEO purposes.

As businesses continue to rely on internet marketing practices, it is important that they are also keeping up with the progress of technology. Anticipating and getting ahead of accepted technological advances can help bring businesses into the forefront of marketing success by helping them reach new customers, interact better with current customers, and provide the world with a better consumer experience.

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