Given the choice between learning about Google Panda and Giant Pandas, I will opt for the adorable, black and white cubs any day. However, my boss usually suggests that I refrain from cooing over fuzzy mammals and focus on marketing. Today I am ignoring her.

Google Maps updated its Street View with six new zoos, TechCrunch reported. The new zoos span the globe, from Atlanta to Brazil to Japan to Poland. Basically they have all of the zoos you want to see, but can’t afford to jet-set around the world to visit.

This is cool and all, but show me the pandas!

That picture came from the Chengdu Panda Base, home to more than 30% of all pandas left. As most people don’t have the ability to fly to China to support their conservation, Google Maps is an outlet for animal lovers the world over. Users can travel the world in the span of a lunch break.

Frankly, this a fantastic alternative for people who love zoos, but hate the smell of animals, fellow human beings, and the inevitable crying babies.

Plus, look at their fluffy little tails!

Google has been on a roll lately with their maps updates. After it bought Waze for $1.3 billion, they married the software with its current system and started to roll out incident notifications. When Waze users report an accident or traffic it will pop up on Google Maps, giving users the ability to see exactly what the accident looks like is holding up five miles of interstate.

Google wants you to do more with its Maps than look at roads and virtually tour baseball stadiums, it wants you to use the app to find restaurants and leave reviews all over town. Not only will you use Google Maps to get directions to where you’re going – and avoid the construction zones – but you’ll use it to announce to the world what you ate  for dinner and whether or not it was delicious.

In the past few months, Maps has been evolving into this comprehensive entity where users get traffic updates, get restaurant recommendations, and travel the world.

Bing has also been clawing and biting its way into Street View game. It recently updated its Bird’s Eye View locations to include store names and specific locations. For example, a Bird’s Eye View of the Mall of America will let users search for specific stores and report closed or moved businesses.

The two search engines are in an epic battle to film the world. They’re leaving no stone unturned as they scour the earth filming at national monuments, historic battlefields, and polar bears.

I couldn’t resist, I just had to end on an adorable note. Even if you’re raising your eyebrows at Bing’s Bird’s Eye View or prefer Yelp for your restaurant recommendation needs, you have to admit that the zoo views are a cute step forward for Google.