Earlier this year during Google’s Q1 earnings call Larry Page referred to Google+ as the “social spine” of the company. This conversation was resurrected recently when Search Engine Watch published an article expanding on the Google CEO’s metaphor. The author Jiyan Wei labeled a few of the vital “organs” of the Google body; he referred to Google search as the heart of the Google body, Google’s big data information system as the brain, and the digital information created by all of the Google users is the oxygen.

We took their analogy one step further, and added the other organs & vitals for the living Google body – which we’ve decided would resemble that of an android. Google has too many products to fit in one little android, so we added just the essentials. Of course, our Google Android includes the Google+ social spine, the search heart, and the user digital content lungs.

  • Google Places, Google Earth, & Google Maps work the legs, getting him where he needs to go (and helping him find his way).
  • Google Offers & Youtube are easily at hand for entertaining.
  • Picasa helps him observe the world, and capture “memories”.
  • Google Voice is the mouth and Google mail is the voice box  – the Android has two different options for communicating.
  • Google Chrome is the liver – filtering out search results, keeping things clean. (the atypical placement on the left side of the Google Android body can outsmart blackhat methods & faulty/faked search results
  • Orkut is the gall bladder – storing existing friendships, and concentrating the new relationships created online (evolution has allowed it possible for the Android to survive without it).