Google is inviting Glass testers to refer one friend to join the Glass Explorer Program. In related news, I am now accepting best friend applications and my birthday is coming up in a few months.

Current Glass Explorers can refer one friend by sending Google their contact information and an explanation about why they would be a good Explorer.

On top of being an interesting person, the friend must be 18 or older, a US resident, able to pick up the eye-wear in San Francisco, New York, or L.A., and currently in possession $1,500 to buy the product.

Google announced the referral program in an email distributed to users yesterday. Subject: Invite a friend to explore Glass.

Mostly, we love sharing Glass with our friends, because adventures through Glass are more fun with others. Here’s your chance to invite one friend into the Glass Explorer Program.

If you’re experiencing Google déjà vu, that’s because the tech giant has taken advantage of email marketing before, in fact, it’s a favorite tactic of theirs. They originally made Gmail and Google+ invite-only to keep the exclusivity and demand high while slowly distributing the product to the masses.

This email blast could be the shot in the arm that Glass needs. Excitement about the product has been dying down as the haves continue to take pictures and videos while the have-nots have accepted their fate and wait patiently for the public launch in 2014.

Various companies continue to build Glass apps, but the effort is more of a PR ploy than an effort to make their sites available on multiple platforms. For the most part, the ability to take creepy photos by winking and the inability to enter casinos has become accepted as commonplace for users and fans alike.


Does Glass have staying power beyond a novelty gadget? Think back a few years ago to when Apple came out with Siri. People would pull out their phones and ask her dumb questions and groups of friends would crowd around and egg on iPhone users to be more raunchy and ridiculous. Six months after her debut 50% of people said they almost never use Siri. She never caught on as something people needed on a day-to-day basis.

As a few thousand more pairs of Glass are distributed to the masses, the interest will return as new people are share their perspectives and unique ways to experiment with the gadget. Google Glass is like Vine. The novelty ebbs until a brand or artist publishes a video that’s totally unique and unimaginable. Suddenly everyone wants to try what they’re doing or rethink how the app is used.

The exclusive email invite is an oldie but a goodie, Google. It’s as classic as the little black dress and will bring some novelty back to Glass to build your team of brand ambassadors. Hats off to you, now send me a pair!