Back in September, we learned of Google’s plans for improving Google maps: adding panoramic views of business’ interiors as an option. With this new feature, the next time you’re searching for a business building or an office, not only can you select the option for Street view, you’ll also have the option of viewing the office location from the inside, and you’ll be able to view 360 degrees of the entrance.

While this feature could be really beneficial to someone say, looking for a new hair salon; rather than using your phone to shop around for a salon that meets your budget and has great reviews, then driving there and walking inside only to discover the place is a dump, you could just select the option to view the interior on Google Maps, and then you would have a sneak peek inside that salon and not waste your time or gas to drive there.

As helpful and time-saving as this feature might be, it seems like Google has taken the thinking process out of everything nowadays. On family roadtrips (aka back in the day), you had to drive and hold a map and navigate to your destination.  With Google maps and GPS you don’t even have to think about the journey or how to get to “point B”, you just plug in your destination and blindly follow the route provided. Never again will you have to stop at a gas station and ask for directions.

Even our consumer opinions are spoon-fed; trying to buy a new computer desk? Search for a desk online and you’ll see tons of reviews, on tons of different desks. Whether you’re looking for reviews or not, you can read everyone’s suggestions for which brand is “cheaply made”, which company is “terrible with customer service”, which desk is “highly recommended”  and so on.

So, what will be next? Will Google (and technology) continue to remove the need for true social interaction? Maybe a few years from now, on your first day working at a new job, rather than asking for directions to the restroom from a new co-worker, will you lean on Google to lead the way?

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