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January 18, 2021 (Updated: February 8, 2023)

Google recently announced that its Search Console Report will be more in-depth than ever in the upcoming days, with added features such as specific categories and labels for errors and responses. At Google, it is explained that the company is “rolling out significant improvements to this report so you’re better informed on issues that might prevent Google from crawling and indexing your pages. The change is focused on providing a more accurate state to existing issues, which should help you solve them more easily.”

In the new coverage report from Google Search Console, it shows the indexing state of all URLs that Google has visited, or tried to visit, in your property. 

What’s new? Well, Google said it added more fine-grained index coverage statuses to the report. This means that you will now have an indication of the indexing process. It is expected that Google will relabel some categories with the new categories. 

Google announced the list of changes that includes: 

  • Removal of generic error messages like “crawl anomaly” – all crawl errors will be mapped to an issue with a better potential resolution. 
  • Pages that are submitted but blocked by robots.txt and indexed are now reported as “indexed but blocked” (a warning) instead of “submitted by blocked” (an error). 
  • Addition of a new issue: “indexed without content” (a warning).
  • Soft 404 reporting is more accurate.

With the following changes, we can now dive deeper into issues around Google crawling and indexing our websites. It will be easier to understand why Google is having issues crawling your site with this update. Instead of receiving a generic message, without further reasoning or actions you can take, you will now have specific error messages that will allow you to change the outcome of that crawl error or warning message. This update will make it easier for you to get your website indexed on Google.

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