Surfing the Internet today is almost like watching a TV show with more commercials than program. Some days, it just sucks. Remember when you could click Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and actually get lucky?

These days, you’ll probably just get a spammy site from some profit-hungry content mill or affiliate marketer. If you’ve had it with looking through page after page of results to find actual information, you’re not alone. Google users have complained, and Matt Cutts, Google’s Quality Man, has answered – in a blog entry.

The Spammiest of the Spam

As we all know, Google and SEO experts continue to play a cat and mouse game with the page rankings. As SEO professionals learn the tricks of the trade, Google snatches the rug right out from under them and raises the bar. At one time, keyword stuffing was king, but now Google is demanding, of all things, quality content for a good ranking. This outrageous expectation left the web-spammers gasping for air and wondering if their sites would fall off the face of the virtual planet.

Time to Control the Mills

Over the past few months, the SEO world has been speculating about how Google would finally deal with the largest content mill in the game. I won’t name names, but I’m pretty sure most of you wouldn’t need more than one guess to hit this nail right on the head. According to Matt, Google’s quality process is shifting to content farms now that the web-spammers are being taught a lesson in trying to cheat the ranking system. Although they’ve implemented a few changes to target lower-quality sites, the public is demanding a head on a spike outside of the Google offices, and Matt says Google is paying attention. Only time will tell which logo will be stamped on said head.