With the recent comments from Matt Cutts declaring the “official” death of guest posting, many individuals (and companies) in the content marketing space seem to be running frantic and scared. But why?

Dave Snyder will explain why the recent statements from Matt Cutts are not something to send you into a frenzied mess or deep depression. It’s all about understanding the difference between “guest posts” and “contributorship“, and understanding the potential value of each.

Not only will Dave discuss what you should be focusing on, and what to avoid – he’ll also be giving a brief walkthrough of our newest software module: Connections. This next section of the CopyPress software is ready just in time to help transition away from “guest posts” and to work on building genuine relationships and establishing contributorship. Take a more PR approach to your outbound strategy and recognize the importance of a valued contributor.

This live webinar walkthrough will help current beta users navigate through the recently released Connections section of the software, and will allow users (and future users) to ask questions about features, potential features, and even strategy to get the most from the free CopyPress software.

In today’s webinar Dave will discuss what you should take away from Matt Cutts’ latest decree, and he’ll host a quick walkthrough of the Connections Section.

1/22/2014 – Webinar & Connections Walkthrough @ 3:00-3:30pm EST

As a preview, here are just some of the Features of the new Connections Section

  • Audit the domains and referring domains to your site, and compare them to your competition.
  • Monitor your connection campaigns in our marketplace, or in your internal workflow (Pro).
  • Use our discovery tool to see what domains link to your competition that don’t link to you actively, making it easy to find places to reach out to.
  • Lastly we give you full outreach capabilities that include:
    • The top 1 million content-driven domains according to traffic signals pulled from Alexa and MOZ, along with data for these domains.
    • SEO Metrics (Pro)
    • Categorization
    • Contact Information (Pro)
    • Type of Website
  • Contact these domains from within the system and take notes, streamlining the outreach process.
  • POP integration with Gmail for easy cross platform outreach.

We’ll be embedding the live feed in this blog post today (approximately 15 minutes before we broadcast on air), so be sure to bookmark this page now to tune in live.

Dave will be taking questions from the audience! You can tweet your questions with #CopyPressbeta or you can ask your questions directly in the Hangouts on Air window (click the button under the live video to “ask a question”).

Hope to see you there!