“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

CopyPress as a company, and CopyPressed as a publication are all about fresh ideas. When it comes to fresh ideas, we have learned that finding innovative concepts means always keeping your ears and eyes open. Because once you believe there isn’t anything else you can learn, you stop learning.

Guest Posts on CopyPressed 

Because of this, we constructed the blueprint for CopyPressed with guest postings as a key element in our editorial schedule. By allowing and encouraging guest posts on our blog, we are opening the door for fresh ideas, new perspectives, and innovated concepts from outside sources. You can sign up below.


We also constructed a portal for publishers and writers to meet and connect for an exchange of content and exposure.  We have hundreds of writers in our system and get applications flowing in every day. Unfortunately, most of our customers can’t offer writers a byline for their work. However, exposure is the best advertising a writer can acquire.

So by constructing Copyforbylines.com, we can now offer our writer community an opportunity to publish content they are passionate about on a high quality site — with a byline. Furthermore, lots of companies are out there looking to show off their own expertise, so we are making Copyforbylines.com an open system.

This system is in extreme Beta. We will roll out features in the future that include a WordPress plugin for easy content swaps, authorship management, and a writer control panel for writers to be able to see content requests from their favorite blog.

What Kind of Guest Posts Are We Looking For?

Quite simply, we are looking for a fresh take on the content lifecycle.

  • Content
  • Connections
  • Curation
  • Conversions

This includes posts on SEO, PR, social media, case studies or anything else as it relates to the content lifecycle. We want fresh faces as well. I learned early on that while well-known writers are awesome to have on board, new people to the industry or people recently branding themselves can be just as valuable.

What Can We Offer?

Guest posting has to be a symbiotic relationship. Anything that is too one-sided will lead to failure. For that reason, here are some of the benefits we offer to our writers.

1)   Author pages are tied to your Google + profile for authorship.

2)   Each post includes a publisher bio with links to drive traffic.

3)   We often promote our best content via social ad platforms, so you can expect great traffic for great content.

4)   We are open to paying for recurring writers as well, if payment is a concern.

5)   The ability to present in our webinar series on topics you show a proficiency in.

6)   The ability to pimp your products and services.

7)   An outlet for PR announcement for your company when they fit within our schedule and publishing guidelines.

We base these items on things that we look for when guest posting on other sites. Which brings me to another topic; If you are interested in having me, or any of our staff guest post on your blog, feel free to contact us. We are currently looking for great publications we can help support in exchange for getting the word out about CopyPress.

Take the time today to visit Copyforbylines.com and give us your feedback here.  We are building this for the community so all feedback is appreciated. Also, please fill out this contact form to guest post for us if you are interested.