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How Athletes Use Social Media Platforms

Sitting here drinking my morning coffee, I my grab my phone, and BOOM; my Twitter account is flooded with tweets on all the hot drama that is going on in the celebrity world today.  Most celebrities, especially athletes, have a social media presence, typically on multiple platforms. Whether it’s boosting their fan base or just publicizing themselves, professional athletes use social networks today in a way that far exceeds the average user’s intentions.

Venus and Serena Williams to Bring Fans into Their World

We all know these women are true champs. They never cease to amaze me.  Every win they fetch is well deserved.  This year, the William sisters took double titles in the London Olympics.  Although Serena never seems to use social platforms, Venus has taken the opportunity to show all of her fans their memorable moments on Twitter.

Ryan Lochte  to Take His Fans Along for the Ride

Ryan Lochte is just one of those faces you just cannot forget!  From his pretty boy smile to his “swaggerific” personality, Lochte has used social networks to his advantage.  He uses Twitter to showcase his family and all the happs occurring in his professional career. Lotche has recently been connected to reality star, up and coming singer K. Michelle, of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  Even though they deny being a couple, the social media has proven different. Watch Out, Lochte! You and your “friend” never know when paparazzi just might sneak up on you!

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson to Share with His Fans

Don’t we all know it pays to be an Ochocinco fan?  Well, if you didn’t know you better ask someone. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is by far one of the most followed athletes on Twitter right now. With more than 3 million followers, he sure does have a fan base that is constantly growing.  He is also a big fan of Facebook and Instagram, always keeping his fans up to date and posting great pictures of him and his daily life.  Johnson knows better than anyone the pros and cons of social as he’s been portrayed by the media as sleazy dog, he’s worked hard at cleaning his image up and has recently married his love, Evelyn Lozada.  Wowing his fans and showing his appreciation for their loyalty, Johnson took 200 Twitter fans to Harlem’s popular soul food restaurant, Sylvia’s for a meal on him!  I know, wish you were there right?

Michael Phelps to Show Fans His True Colors

Oh, Mr. Phelps. Where do we begin?  When we think of Michael Phelps, most of us will think “champion” while others may think “arrogant loser”. Social mediums have really dug down into Phelps’ personal life versus his professional life.  With all his titles from the Beijing Olympics to this year’s London Olympics, Phelps has come a long way in his journey to be seen as a serious athlete and not a media sensation. In 2008, images of Phelps smoking marijuana surfaced all over the net and boy, was that viral!  Using several social platforms he’s gone above and beyond to show everyone that he’s beyond his mistakes.

“Hey, people make mistakes; you live and you grow.”

So now you get the gist of how social platforms can really be an advantage or disadvantage in the everyday life of an athlete.  Using social media can really help out your business.  Just be smart about using social platforms the right way and I am sure your business will BOOM.

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