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How Content Can Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate

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April 13, 2011 (Updated: March 23, 2023)

Most website owners are interested in how much traffic they can get to their site. They launch campaigns — or pay others to launch campaigns — that bring more and more people to their little corner of the web. Unfortunately, a lot of those people aren’t targeted traffic. In other words, they aren’t the kind of people who would normally be interested in buying what the company has to offer. Curious onlookers might drive up your stats and visitor numbers but they won’t do anything to improve your conversion rate.

Getting Sales not Stats

Rather than focus on how many people are coming to your site, you should focus on what happens once they get there. If they only read a few things and then click away to go to another site, you haven’t gained anything by the fact that they came to your site. Of course, it’s possible that person will be back, and that’s a good thing. You want a lot of people to come to your site, but you want them to be interested in what you’re offering — and that’s where your conversion rate comes in.

Simply put, a conversion rate is a measure of how many people you “convert” from visitors to customers who buy something from you. If 10 people come to your site and only one of them buys something, your conversion rate is 10 percent. What most people who own and operate a website want to do is see that rate rise, so they make more money in relation to the number of people who visit their web presence. In order to see that rate improve though, they have to get noticed by the search engines so people will find their site and come to them.

Giving Value to Customers

Good search engine ranking requires good content on your site which you can get through a company that offers content production services. Be sure you choose a company with a good reputation, and don’t just pick the least expensive company you can locate. You can get a good deal on quality content but that means getting quality for the price you’re paying. If you want quality (and you should), don’t settle for anything less. That way you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll have a much higher chance of bringing people to your site and converting them to paying customers.

It’s always nice to see the conversion rate on a website start to rise because it shows that you’re making money and people like what you have to offer. They’ll be more likely to tell other people too, and that will continue to bring you more customers. It’s great to get that word-of-mouth advertising but you can’t rely on it to bring you the kind of income you’re looking for. That’s why effective content marketing is essential to bring you a high conversion rate.

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