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How CopyPress Maintains High Volume Outreach Campaigns

Anyone who has ever worked on an outreach campaign knows the amount of work and steps that go into getting that one article published. At CopyPress, our volume of outreach continued to grow this year and with the expansion of campaign orders came the increase in the quantity of google docs, excel sheets, color-coding madness that caused a whole lot of headaches. We knew that we had to come up with a better solution to scale our process so that we could continue to grow. We also wanted to improve the workflow and get better with our QA processes. Enter Connection Seeker, an online portal for Internet marketers to consistently maintain efficient outreach projects.

Before we dive into how awesome CopyPress’ Connection Seeker software is, I thought I would touch upon all the steps that go into a successful outreach campaign, and why we needed to create this software.

Each campaign will start with your client order. This will typically include the following (usually delivered in an excel sheet):

  • Deadlines
  • Connections tier level
  • Keywords
  • Anchor text
  • Anchor URL
  • Content titles
  • Content guidelines
  • Actual written articles

Now, think about this for an order of about 100 connections. That’s a lot of information for one excel spreadsheet, right? Well, it gets even more in depth when you factor in the information that you’ll then have to provide to the client. This information typically will include (and again, usually delivered via excel sheet):

  • Desired placement domains: What domain you plan to place the content on
  • Metrics: Page rank, Alexa rank, etc.
  • Progress notes: Information that informs the client of your progress/status of placement
  • Publication dates: When was the article published? When does the blogger plan to publish it?
  • Live URL: The actual live URL to the published article

Before we developed Connection Seeker, we were executing our process through programs like google docs and excel sheets. I’m not saying that google docs and excel are bad by any means, but it comes to a point when you have about 35 Google doc tabs open, and you can’t remember which sheet has the data you’re looking for. We finally reached the breaking point and had to ask ourselves, will this ever stop?  For us, it has.

Connection Seeker Software

Connection Seeker was built for various different roles—project managers, clients, outreachers, publishers and the like. What’s in it for whom?

  • Project Managers: PM’s can now rejoice in the fact that they now can operate and manage every single campaign within one portal. In Connection Seeker, you can create campaigns with the client anchors, assign out to your outreach members, add notes on the spec’s of the project, assign due dates and check in on everyone’s progress anytime you want. You don’t have to wait for someone to send you an updated excel sheet, email, IM, or anything. It’s all in one place, in real time.

  • Clients: Like project managers, clients have the ability to see the entire workflow carried out without having to contact their account manager. They are able to view all their campaigns in one spot and view the progress’ status, notes, placement domains and live connections. We think it’s important that the client is aware and involved in the process from the start. With the ability to view the current status of their projects, they are able to catch things that they want changed or issues they find immediately, rather than when the project reaches completion.
  • Internal outreach team: Our internal outreach staff has the capability to search for suitable target domains all in Connection Seeker. Rather than relying on Google searches and the countless portals for finding guest post opportunities, they can locate domains with a few simple clicks. They are able to sort the domains by metrics, domain keywords, categories, site types and more.

Once you have found a suitable target, you can 1) view a preview of their site directly in Connection Seeker 2) View a small report that provides contact information 3) email their site right out of the Connection Seeker and establish the relationship right then and there. There’s now no need to operate out of 50 tabs at once.

  • External outreach team: If you employ outside contractors to take on some of the work, you now can avoid the dreaded process of sending them order forms and back and forth email communication regarding campaign details. Connection Seeker has an, “Insertion Order” or “IO” workflow section that allows us to assign out new projects and for the contractors to accept the work. It’s so easy to keep track of the progress made by each contractor on each campaign.

Benefits of Connection Seeker

Here are some of the benefits of having this collaborative campaign space:

  • Limits the amount of email correspondence between team members, clients and project managers.
  • Drastically cuts the amount of Google docs and excel spreadsheets needed for each project.
  • Prevents mistakes and miscommunication issues from happening since the Project manager and client have access to the project information from start to finish
  • Maintains better tracking of the entire project organization. All anchors, client URLs, titles found in one place.
  • The time searching for acceptable placement domains is instantly cut down.

As you can see working with CopyPress (and with our software creation) is a great way to maintain high volume outreach campaigns in an organized, efficient way.

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