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How Online Content Keeps Us Connected to Our Troops

On our CopyPress blog we are always talking about how online content can attract and preserve attention, expand reach, establish trust and initiate action. But what we are really talking about? Making connections.

The Web gives us an unlimited opportunity for building and maintaining relationships – relationships between consumers and brands but more importantly relationships between people. Blogging and other versions of online content connect people across the span of our country, the expanse of the ocean, and even beyond the boundaries of war lines.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we would like to salute our troops and honor the content that they share with the world through Milblogging.

Via flickr by Defence Images

Milblogging is the term given to any website or blog backed by content provided by military personnel. Authors of Milblogs include men and women on active duty overseas or stationed abroad, spouses of those men and women, veterans and other military supporters., a database of Military blogs, currently lists 3,195 military blogs from over 45 countries.  The men and women behind each one of these milblogs have found a way to build and maintain connections and relationships through online content communication.

Expand ReachBlack Five

A benefit of producing content online is that you can self-publish and share information with a wide and unlimited audience. Online content offers a voice – loud and clear. A team of military writers, found that they could share stories that they couldn’t find anywhere else in Black Five – a milblog dedicated to saluting our fallen soldiers and heroes.

BlackFive was created after Major Mathew Earl Schram was killed in combat and his story was never published in any print magazine or newspaper.  The creator of the site was angry that soldiers were not receiving the recognition they deserved so he started the site to honor the lives and accomplishments of our military men and women.

Attract & Preserve AttentionThe Cox Family

Web content provides a way to stay involved and engaged with your audience. Many active duty service members and spouses of those soldiers have found that blogging is a great way to stay connected during deployment or over-seas stationing.

Military wife Crystal Cox created her blog, The Cox Family so she could share the details of life abroad as a military wife with her family back home.  Cox is an Army wife station in Germany with her husband. Through photos, videos, personal messages, she uses her personal blog as a way to stay in touch with friends and family thousands of miles away.

Establish TrustAfghanistan: My Last Tour

One way to establish trust through Web content is by sharing insight and knowledge through content. SMSgt. Rex Temple used his milblog Afghanistan: My Last Tour, to document and share the experience of his fourth and final deployment to a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan.

Through his blog, Temple documented and shared with the American public the truth of what life is really like in a combat zone. Temple is now a contributor to Off the Base – another multi-media project designed to help civilians better understand military life.

Initiate ActionWounded Warrior Project

Web content is frequently used to encourage people to act. Supporters of our military men and women have found that they can use the web to connect with people who want to support our troops but don’t know how to help.

Through Web content, sites like the Wounded Warrior Project, offer information that explains to civilians how they can act on their desire to give back to military men, women and their families. The Wounded Warrior Project provides information how on to donate, sponsor, volunteer and host events all with one goal in mind – Support our Troops.

CopyPress Salutes the Troops & Veterans

On behalf of CopyPress we would like to thank all of our country’s veterans and active military men and women, as well as their families who make sacrifices every day to ensure the safety and security of our wonderful country.

And a special Happy Birthday goes out to the Marines. This birthday marks the 236th year that the Devil Dogs have been protecting our freedom and way of life on the seas and shores!  OORAH!

Are you in the military or do you have any family members in the military? How do you communicate? How has blogging and social media helped you stay connected?

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