Let’s face it: the Internet is a pretty sick place.

In fact, a new pandemic sweeps the world every week. Right now, we’re facing the “What I Really Do” epidemic:

Modern history will be long remembered for the pandemics we’ve suffered through. The Nyan Cat virus. The Paula Deen Riding Things epidemic. The viral onslaught of Sh*t Girls Say. The historic Keyboard Cat outbreak of 2007.

We toss around the word “viral” so often we forget where it stemmed from: viruses. As in SARS. As in swine flu. As in the Spanish influenza outbreak of 1918.

The difference, of course, between Spanish influenza and Nyan Cat is that while one causes an exponential death rate, the other is the fastest form of word-of-mouth marketing on the planet.

It Starts With a Sneeze (or a Sneezing Panda)

Like the common cold, a viral outbreak starts with a sneeze: a tweet, perhaps, or a status update on Facebook. A Tumblr post. A pin on Pinterest.

These starting points are the initial germ — a seed, if you will, that causes something to grow. A person sees the seed and shares it with two more people. Those two people share it with two more friends each — we’re up to seven people so far. Another round of shares, and we’re up to 14 people. Before the Internet, this would’ve been a pretty impressive word-of-mouth chain, right? One person eats at your local restaurant, they tell their friends, and you wind up with 14 new customers. Cool, eh?

On the Internet, however, we’re not sharing with a friend or two — we’re sharing with a full-blown network of friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, business partners, clients, bosses, employees and so on. Anyone in your life can now know about a video that made you laugh, a funny comic or an inspiring photoblog.

Which means, of course, if you can access those massive networks, you’re sitting on a marketing goldmine…if you can get people to talk about you.

And that hinges on…

Wildly Shareable Content

The easiest way to spread the word about your business is to give people something to talk about. The easiest way to do that online is through content. Everything that goes viral — a video, a picture, an infographic, a gif, a blog post — is content that people inherently want to share. Because it’s funny. Because it’s thought provoking. Because it’s controversial. Whatever it is, it creates a reaction…just like a particularly potent virus.

But that content does nothing on its own. It all comes down to that initial germ: the seed you planted on social networks.

Social Seeding: Infecting People, One Sneeze at a Time

Hua Marketing’s social seeding service aims to effectively and efficiently spread the virus. Posting content on a highly visible platform is like sneezing on an airplane: it spreads like wildfire. More people are likely to be infected. More people are likely to infect others.

It’s the new world of viral marketing, and it all starts with one tweet, one post, one picture.

Because that one tweet can turn to 10.

Those 10 tweets can turn to 100.

Those 100 turn to 1,000.

Then 1,000 spreads to 1,000,000…and before you know it, you’ve got a nation full of Sneezing Pandas on your hands.

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