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How to Build Company Culture: CopyPress Style


Published: April 11, 2013 (Updated: January 26, 2023)

There are things in life we deem too good to be true: bumping into a favorite musician, world peace, finishing an ice-cream cone when it’s hot without a mess, and showing up to the office on Monday morning excited for the work week. In fact, according to a recent report by The Conference Board, only 45 percent of people say they are satisfied with their job. So what does this mean for business?

It means that offices across the United States are infected with workers that lack drive, passion, and productivity. The cure? Create a company culture that breeds happiness and success. Here are the fundamental ways CopyPress is avoiding the office plague.

Consider a New Management Style

Company culture starts with management. “Management is nothing more than motivating other people,” says Lee Iacocca, former President of Ford. Although, Mr. Iacocca left out a plethora of other things management is responsible for, he did recognize the importance of a motivated staff. They fuel the company engine. Here are some ways to inspire motivation in your team.

Set standards with core values, these are what we stand by at CopyPress:

  • Humility
  • Community
  • The Customer Comes First
  • Quality Above Profits
  • Commitment to Learning and Testing
  • Impossible Does Not Exist
  • Our Team is Our Family

When people are engaged in their work, motivation just happens. It’s organic. The seven core values help the CopyPress staff remain grounded and engaged in our work. The management role is a support system that offers further encouragement when needed. There is no hierarchy, rigid roles, or dress code. It’s a level playing field where everyone holds one another accountable.

Lead like a Level 5 Executive:

  • Build a culture that enables freedom and responsibility
  • Hire self-disciplined people willing to go the extra mile
  • Do not simulate or impose passion
  • Take responsibility for failures

Hire Based on Attitude, Not Talent

Attitude is everything. One bad attitude can bring down your company culture fast. Consider the following two profiles:

Who would you hire?

Both of these prospects have their strengths and weaknesses, but Person B is a better choice when building a strong company culture. Person A would likely spoil the office morale with their ego and lack of humility. Person B fits in with existing employees and is likely to grow with the company. Just provide them with proper training to develop their skills.

Be Transparent With Business Goals and Status

Share your previous successes, failures, and future goals with your team. This will help them feel emotionally connected to your company. If they see the future through your eyes, they are likely to share the vision. Be realistic.

  • Send emails to keep the team up-to-date on approaching deadlines
  • Hold weekly wrap-ups and discuss future goals for the company
  • Provide a culture guide for new and current employees to learn about the company’s values

Challenge Staff to Meet Goals

Surprisingly enough, one complaint current employees have about work is that it isn’t challenging enough. Create goals for employees both large and small that give them something to work towards. Let them take part in goal setting and give them some flexibility and freedom to work at their own pace.

Show Appreciation for Hard Work

This one is a no-brainer. To avoid an office full of disgruntled workers, show your employees that they matter in a genuine way.

  • Recognize their achievement in an email or at a company event
  • Provide bonuses for meeting or exceeding goals
  • Just say “thank you” in person

Create a Sense of Belonging

There are no black sheep at CopyPress. Everyone can be themselves without the worry of judgment. People are always willing to give a helping hand and new people are welcomed with open arms. Look for opportunities for your staff to get to know each other outside of the office. Create a community spreadsheet where people can add activities. Doing activities outside of the office will help strengthen the culture inside.

So now you know how to build a strong company culture CopyPress Style. Adapt some of the fundamentals for happiness mentioned above and watch your staff quickly overcome the office plague. You may never run into your favorite musician walking down the sidewalk, but you can be happy at work.


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