If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed a few trends and patterns in our writing styles & topics. You also may have noticed that every article has a blue featured image. It’s the little things like this that help a brand or a company find a voice, especially when the voice is made up of many voices.

Consistency is Key

Although many corporate blogs feature numerous writers & writing styles, it helps to have only one or two people in charge of editing & publishing. That way the final published product will always be formatted the same way. If every writer were instructed to upload their article into the backend of WordPress however they so desired, there would be irregular image sizing, inconsistent heading sizes, font colors, and more. It suggests a much more unified perspective and voice when everything except the writing is always the same.

While it’s important to recognize the unique voice of each writer, it’s also important to establish general standards for the content published on your company blog.  By offering a consistent perspective, you’ll be able to build a deeper connection with your audience. To make sure that all of the writers are following the same general guidelines, and have a full understanding of the “voice” of the company, a style guide is highly recommended. It can be difficult to explain how you as a company want to be perceived, and to try and explain this to a new hire especially can become a confusing and tiresome trial and error process. Establishing a clear and concise style guide outlining the right way, and the wrong way to write an article for the company blog (providing examples of each) will surely avoid the need for multiple drafts, edits, and stress for both parties.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Currently there are 1,311,789 blogs indexed in Technorati, and 1,931 of them relate to “Content Marketing”, so how can you distinguish yourself or your brand in such a saturated field?

I believe that the issue of consistency is essential here as well. Do something different, but do it well, and do it often.

Encourage research; by writing about trending topics with the facts (and not hearsay, myths, etc.) you can begin to establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource in the blogging community. Keep up with the latest breakthroughs, data discoveries, and algorithm changes; be the company blog that people want to go to for respectable expert opinions or theories on recent industry news.

Here at CopyPress we have the routine of using a blue photo for the featured image for each and every article we publish.  It’s not a big deal, but it’s become somewhat of an inside joke for us – even Dave Snyder is convinced that one day I’ll run out of blue images. (With Photoshop, I doubt it!)

Another fun thing we’ve built here at CopyPress is incorporating themes into our editorial calendar. We love themes, we love holidays, and we love any excuse to include them in our company blog. While themes are a great way to vary your blog content (especially when you’re running low on ideas), it shouldn’t become your new focus, unless of course your blog is about celebrating holidays and the like.

For October blog posts for example, we had the idea to incorporate Halloween into our blog titles & images. We’ll continue to serve up awesome articles focused on content creation, connections, curation & conversions, but now we’ll be adding in a twist of Halloween spirit.

 This tradition of themes is something we plan on celebrating throughout the rest of the year and well into 2013. It offers a fun take on topics that can get a bit redundant and exhausted. We hope our readers enjoy what we have in store for them.

Happy October!