How To Craft a Clever Call-to-Action for Maximum Lead Generation



March 15, 2012 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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What’s the most important copy on your webpage?

It’s not the introduction. It’s not your “About Me” page. It’s not even your product description page.

It’s your call-to-action page.

Your call-to-action copy creates results for your company. Those other pages are just selling points. Your CTA copy is the one that pushes your readers towards your desired result: joining the mailing list, subscribing to your blog, buying your product and so on.

To be blunt, your call-to-action page is the one that’s making your company money.

So why are you throwing it away?

Giving Your Call-to-Action Page a Makeover

Take a long, hard look at your call-to-action page and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the Reader Immediately Know What’s In It for Them?

A good call-to-action page should always convey what value you’re providing for the reader — and it should convey it in just a few words. Your heading should tell the reader why that action will benefit them in less than eight words.

2. Is the Reader Reading an Offer or a Sales Pitch?

A good CTA offers, not sells. It nudges, not pushes. Instead of shoving your amazing offer down readers’ throats, it presents the offer in a way that the reader can’t not accept. Cut the exclamation points, the salesy copy, and all those meaningless adjectives — they’re not helping your case.

3. Does the Reader Have a Reason to Do This Now?

Good call-to-action content implies a reason to sign up now, today, right this instant. Even just adding a simple “Today” or a “Right Now” to your copy can imply urgency to the reader. Don’t give your readers a reason to put it off.

4. Do You Have Data or Testimonials to Back You Up?

Why should your readers believe you without facts and figures to back you up? Slip some impressive numbers into your CTA copy: Join the 4,000 readers who already subscribe to our newsletter, for example, or more than 10,000 people downloaded our e-book: have you?

Don’t worry if you don’t have jaw-dropping numbers on your side: a few well-placed testimonials can mean just as much (if not more). Third-party fans prove that other people have trusted and enjoyed your company’s offerings.

Of course, for best results, utilize both numbers and facts.

5. How Much Does the Reader Have to Read?

Keep your CTA as succinct as possible. This means brainstorming all the possible benefits you have to offer and then butchering your list down to only the most relevant points. What’s going to grab your readers’ attention the fastest? What will they care about the most? Ruthlessly cut the rest.

When in Doubt, Experiment

You don’t have to settle on one CTA draft. Rotate different drafts out with tools like Google Website Optimizer to see which copy gives your site the best conversion rates. Don’t settle: one little word tweak or font change could mean a huge difference.

Still not satisfied with your call-to-action page’s performance? It’s time to bring in the big guns: an online marketing service company can give you the professional, well-worded call-to-action page your company deserves.

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