Episode #21: How to Create and Manage a Corporate Blog

On this week’s podcast, Derek and I discuss the mistakes we have made in the past with the CopyPress blog, and where we plan on taking the blog in the future.


Some great resources on the points we cover include:

Why? You have to ask yourself why before you do anything…. KPIs, Tracking, management


# blog posts (8-month) – 2 week

# visits

Where are the visits coming from? — where are they going? (bounce rate, how long they stay? going to money pages or home page?

email signups — top of lead funnel

complete sales form

Current resources you can use … internal staff


Most internal team are writers/editors — leverage them to create content

Our internal process is meant to scale production of content so we have pieces in place

Experts to help research/strategize content topics/plans

How do you pull the troops together and motivate them?

We understand value of content– we sell it so we understand its importance

Ask for volunteers — I emphasize the importance of blogging not just for that employee but for our company as a whole, the know they will be compensated and openning up to volunteers means that the people have committed on their own accord and will be more motivated

We have internal people that have specific expertise — outreach, SEO, idea generation, infographics, interactive media, writing, editing — this gives us a diverse set of people with knowledge across valuable areas

I provide them a list of keywords and resources to help generate ideas and make sure the topics they are writing on they #1 have some knowledge in, #2 are actually interested in writing

Outside resources


Style guides


Management tools – Software and beyond


Putting together the pieces – Editorial calendar


Putting together the pieces – Ideations