How to Post an Infographic: Set Yourself Up for Success

Josh Kunzler


April 2, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

Getting online content to “go viral” is not an exact science. There is no special equation that when followed will work each and every time. There is a lot at play and many of the factors you simply don’t have control over.  So what do you do? Well, at a minimum, make sure the things you do have control over are done right!

1. Produce Creative, Useful, Meaningful Infographics

Thousands of infographics are posted each day. People are growing increasingly efficient at ignoring and scanning past useless, boring content. Great content takes creative planning and execution. You need to put your heart into it and do it well. If you’re not sure where to start when creating an Infographic, check out the series of blog posts where I shared my process.

2. Be Careful When Resizing an Infographic to Fit Your Blog

Many blogs have a width of about 600 pixels available for posts. However, online infographics are usually designed at widths of 800-1000 pixels.  If you just shrink down the image to fit your blog page and think you’re done, don’t be surprised when your Infographic flops. This lack of thought often results in important text becoming too small to read.

Simple Solution:

Make it so people can click on the image and open it at normal size in a new browser window. Make sure that functionality is obvious by strategically placing some text above/below the infographic that says “View full size” that when clicked will do the same.

Slicker Solution:

Instead of having the full size Infographic open in a new tab. Open it in a lightbox that’s designed to really showcase your work. Check out this site for lightbox implementation code and examples.

3. Make it Easy for People to Share

Make sure you include simple and easy sharing functionality so that you can increase the sharing potential of your masterpiece. There are many social plugins that you can get for free. If you don’t make it easy for people to share, they won’t.

Simple Solution:

ShareThis is a good place to start. They walk you through implementation step by step and have lots of nice styles to choose from:

Slicker Solution:

Let others help promote your work on their own blog or site. Check out this example below and note how they include embed code at the bottom of the Infographic.

4. Give Your Post an Awesome, Attention Grabbing Title

People are scanning the web at speeds that would surprise you. When you post an infographic to your site or blog, make sure you put some good thought into the post title. You need your post title to stop them in their tracks and suck them in. Continually coming up with great post titles is an art that requires practice and study.

Some Resources to Empower You:

Download and read this FREE ebook: Click it with feeling. You won’t regret this short read. I would be very surprised if you can’t immediately improve your title writing in some way.

Check out the work of pros that do this every day. Scan down the post titles of popular sites and when you can’t help but click something, ask yourself “WHY?” and learn from their success.

These sites are doing it right: Reddit, DesignTAXI, Mashable, Cracked

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