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November 16, 2012 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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If you’re outreaching for a certain niche over a long period of time, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across those same sites you’ve previously contacted. Depending on your outreach goals, you can try to reconnect with those same bloggers, especially the ones who didn’t reply to your initial email.  The question is, though, how do you contact a blogger who you’ve reached out to more than 2 months ago?

Here are a few tips on how to best handle that lengthy pause in the relationship.

Reconnecting for Another Guest Post

Over the course of a few months, you’ll develop a list of bloggers who’ve accepted your guest posts. This list is helpful for when you are outreaching for a similarly-themed campaign. Instead of outreaching to new sites, you can reconnect with these same bloggers, knowing that your content has a good chance of being accepted, due to the established, respected relationship.

Tip: When reaching out to these bloggers again, link to the guest post you wrote for them last time you connected with them. Then mention the number of shares, tweets, likes, and comments the post acquired since you wrote it. By reminding the blogger of your post’s success, you’ll give the blogger good incentive to let you guest post again, even if it has been months since you last posted.

Rebuilding the Relationship with a New Post

Just like the list you’ll have of bloggers who’ve accepted your guest posts, you’ll also develop a list of bloggers who’ve rejected your posts. As a way to rebuild that relationship, you can reconnect with them and offer different content, even if your initial content was rejected more than a month ago.

Tip: As a way to smooth over the time lapse, you can reference where you left off and let the blogger know that you had them in mind for an upcoming article that you’ve been working on. But before submitting another guest post for the blogger’s consideration, make sure to review his or her reasons for rejecting your first post. If the content wasn’t an overall “good fit” for the blog, then you can always pitch a few titles of different content to the blogger before another guest post submission.

Following Up with New Blogger Policies

Sometimes, when you initially connect to a blogger, he or she might tell you that the site is no longer accepting guest posts – at this time. This could be because of server issues or even new and upcoming site designs. However, even if the blogger tells you he or she will get back to you when the policy changes, it’s up to you to take the initiative to follow up with the blogger.

Tip: When you check back with the blogger, mention your previous email so that he or she will know you’re persistent and have initiative in following up. Also, you should visit the site before reaching back out to see if the site has made announcements or policy updates about guest posting. Sometimes bloggers will add a tab for guest posts or even update the tab with new announcements when they’re accepting new submissions.

Readjusting Your Initial Approach

Out of the number of blogs you’ll contact over the course of a few months, the “contacted without a reply” bloggers will outnumber the bloggers accepting guest posts, the the bloggers that claim, “they’ll get back to you later.” Before you get discouraged about not being able to find new sites in your niche to contact, consider reconnecting with those who never replied back to your initial email. You can always readjust your outreach approach and try again.

Tip: There are many different reasons why a blogger didn’t reply to your email—lack of time, interest, or possibly it was lost in the shuffle. But instead of racking your brain in trying to figure out the reasons why the blogger didn’t respond, focus instead on the things you can change, like your pitch. Try varying the subject line of your email or even stepping up the personalization of the email by mentioning a relatable fact you found on the blogger’s About page.

Ultimately, the overall goal of outreaching is to establish and maintain relationships. By attempting to reconnect with previously contacted bloggers, especially those you’ve contacted months ago, you’ll show the blogger that you’re still here, taking the initiative to maintain the relationship.

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