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Engaging with your audience is imperative for connecting with your target market. With so many brands competing for attention, you need to have a strategy in place that will allow you to stick out from the crowd. It takes more than a pretty website and graphics to obtain real relationships with potential and current customers.

Target Market vs Target Audience

The target market is a group of customers who a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its products. The target market groups the users who are likely to purchase the product, service and tools by age, location, ethnicity and more. Your target audience is a bit different from your target market; these are the users you want sharing your brand’s messages and products to engage with other influences in their space.

When targeting a brand’s audience, the focus should be on the actual interest and influence of the user. Posts for the target audience should be more in line with highlighting a product, service, or tool from the brand that is based around the user’s needs. These posts should be thought-provoking, in-depth content that would provoke audiences to hit the share button. This exposes the message to other influencers in their space and their personal networks to gain more attention for your brand, which will lead to acquiring new target audience members.

Ways to Reach Your Target Market

Analyze Your Competition

When building and crafting your brand, you should begin by taking a close look at your competition. Take a look at what has been successful and what has been a failure in your space and take note of what will work not work for your brand.

Consistently Attract Visitors

If you choose the right topics to cover you’ll give your brand a one up on getting higher rankings and more people to your site. For example, it’ best to determine exact questions and searches that your targets would go after. Once you know their questions, find the answers and present them in a compelling way.

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Address Potential Pain Points

Think about the overall problem users are looking to solve in your target market and hone in on it. Identify the core problems and present the core solutions your company will provide. These issues may be hard for your to address, but your audience will appreciate the transparency in the long run.

Connect Socially

Social influence is extremely powerful and social media only magnifies social influence. Determine the best platform for your target audience. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your targets especially if you’re going after business professionals.


Your customer testimonials should appeal to prospects both logically and emotionally. They should show the answers potential customers pose, “why should I buy?” and “what’s in it for me?” You can show them the answers by having past or present clients provide a testimonial for your website or LinkedIn page. Other ways of showing your value is by conducting case studies like this one and showcasing these on your site for prospects to reference.

With so many ways to market your business and engage with your target market online, the most important thing is to determine your right audience and customers and align your tactics that will work for them.

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