Social media marketing campaigns can often be incredibly bland if you’re not posting the right content. But what is the right content? What is going to attract people’s attention enough to increase your visibility and extend your reach?

According to a study completed by Adobe there was a 300% increase in 2012 of users viewing videos on social media and tech devices. Facebook statistics show that the majority of posts most likely to be liked and shared contain video content. These numbers are something you just can’t afford to avoid in your social media marketing campaign.

Creating high quality professional videos can be costly and resource intensive.  So what alternatives do small and medium sized businesses without massive advertising budgets have?

Say hello to Vine.

Vine is Twitter’s answer to Instagram’s increasing popularity.  Instead of staying within the static mode of picture taking and sharing, Twitter instead created a simple, fun and easy to use video app.  Vine is a great way to create visual, entertaining, and engaging content to capture your audience’s attention.

Getting Started With Vine

Unfortunately Vine is only available to Apple users right now, but they are hard at work on an Android app. So if you don’t have an iPhone, find someone in your office that does and designate them Vine manager. As with any other social media platform, you need to spend time exploring other people’s profiles, following, liking, and even sharing content. Vine videos can be embedded and it’s a great idea to share videos you personally like to establish connections with other people. Networking like this will also help you to get new ideas and create relationships with people who can help you create innovative Vines that will draw more attention.

What to Post

There are two different types of videos that you can create.


The people that search for these videos, or are most likely to like and share if they stumble upon them, are people looking for the information, answers to their questions, or tutorials. Six seconds to inform is short but as they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, so you can say a lot in six seconds! Take into consideration what it is your users, followers, or customers want to know about your product or service. Is there a question you see coming in more often than others?


This is an area you’ll want to focus on for your Vine videos. Now remember that the two can be integrated, so it is an option to provide relevant information about something and still be entertaining. A Vine that is purely entertaining and offers no information can also be a good hook to draw attention and clickthroughs to your site.

How to Be Entertaining

Keeping in mind that it’s not possible to edit a Vine video yet, you have 6 seconds to make a statement, and the only tools you have to be next Scorsese are an Apple device and your thumb. Consider coming up with a concept for a stop motion video that is going to make people laugh and showcase your product. Again, information isn’t key, you want people to enjoy what they’re watching, and you want it to be attention grabbing. Let’s say for example you are trying to market a lipstick your company just came out with.

  • Second 1: Burly, chubby man in a tank top, mini skirt, and wig smiling coquettishly at the camera
  • Second 2.5: He reaches for the lipstick and uncaps it
  • Second 3.5: Close up of lipstick application
  • Second 4: Full shot of beautiful woman, in that same tank top, mini skirt, and long hair smiling coquettishly at the camera.
  • Second 5: Beautiful women turns with a hair flip and starts to walk away

The total of 6 seconds is played on a constant loop so you’re video is actually given more of an ongoing comic trip feel. Or you could just have fun playing with toys:

Vine Ripened Success

Putting time into developing well thought out screenplays for your Vine videos is going to bring you more success than not. Each grouping of six seconds is an opportunity for you to make a statement about your brand.

Construct an editorial calendar and shoot for posting a video once a week. Fans will tune in to see what’s coming up next, and new potential customers will be able to see a backlog which correlates to authority.

Once you’ve established a fan base, a flow, and relationships with other successful Viner’s, this will just be another social media platform you’ve mastered, and can use flawlessly in your social media marketing campaign.