CopyPress has spent a whopping $34,000 on marketing in 2013.

That is less than $4,000 a month.

For that spend we have:

  • Increased our customer base from 10 to 100
  • Increased our email list from 0 to more than 10,000
  • Increased from 0 to almost 6,000

Not bad.

However, with our private beta ready to be launched, we felt it was time to up the game, so we put together some dollars for marketing.

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The problem?

All of our success has come from going about things like guerillas, so taking the heavy spend route is a bit foreign to us. So we came up with some interesting ideas.

Breast Cancer Research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so CopyPress has gone pink.

My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, and almost everyone I know has a story of a loved one dealing with this disease. One of CopyPress’ core values is Community, and we felt we could make a big difference for this cause.

Along with turning our homepage and website pink to promote awareness we also put up a huge chunk of our marketing spend for breast cancer research. Our goal is to spend $10,000. All we ask is that marketers help us out by signing up for our private beta and keep us from wasting the money on marketing and send $10 for every signup to an amazing cause.

Please sign-up, and spread the word in marketing circles.  Our beta product will be an awesome free software and you can help save lives, a truly amazing win-win-win (the third win is for us for getting an awesome beta user).


Since there are less than 30 days left for people to get in on our invite-only private beta, Pubcon seemed like a no-brainer for CopyPress to have a strong presence.

I will be speaking at Pubcon, but I am also taking a large group of CopyPressers to Vegas to get word out about our amazing software and products (come check us out at booth #70).

Here is what you can look forward to:

1. We are giving CopyPress shades to everyone that signs up. Our future is bright; you will need them.

Learn more with our eBook!

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2. By signing up you help fight breast cancer.

3. We built a mobile site for you to keep up with the Pubcon chatter, take part in our scavenger hunt, and play bingo with us …. All for a chance to win one of the five Nexus 7’s we will be giving away. Go to and keep an eye out for our clues with the #pubcon #cp hashtags.

  • Scavenger Hunt – We will be releasing two clues a day from the 23rd – 24th. All you have to do is take a picture of each answer, and be the first person to tweet your victory and to turn them in at our booth for a prize.

  • Bingo – We will be releasing bingo cards throughout the conference with speaker photos on them. Take a picture of yourself with corresponding people to get horizontal, vertical, or a diagonal bingo and be the first person to tweet bingo and get to our booth to win!

4. On-Site audits – Come by our booth (#70) for a little love from myself or one of our staff members. Free audits are free, hence the name – take advantage of them.

Come check me out at my panels which include :

We hope to see you there!

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