The release of iOS 7 is today and there is so much content you could create! iOS 7 is really just an example, but you could take advantage of the release of any new popular product or software. Since iOS 7 is in the news  right now I am going to use it as an example. So what could you create? I have ideas for you.

Content you could create:

  • Articles
  • Tutorials
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Video tutorials or reviews
  • Infographics – steps to take, comparisons
  • Images / Memes (think Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon)

Documenting the Process: Apple Updates and Glitches

If you want to see millions of people freak out at one time just keep an eye on the net, social networks and forums when there are iOS software updates.

Things go wrong for a variety of reasons and user error can be the cause. What people typically do is search the net for a solution and/or help. You, as a content creator, could anticipate this problem and be ready.

Before You Update Content

A “Before you update to IOS 7…” article is a good idea. Giving steps for backing up iPhones and helping people locate their backups in their computers so they can back those up (just in case) is useful information. You could even have some tips for being ready to update in regards to computers and memory.

As You Update Content

Content creators could be ready and waiting for the release date and time and create videos of the update process or take specific notes for a blog post later.

  • What did you do, exactly?
  • In what order?
  • What should people avoid doing?
  • Did it take a long time?
  • What changed?
  • What problems popped up?
  • Any errors or scary moments that ended up alright?

By documenting as you go you ensure you have complete information to offer. If you find help online in Apple forums or anywhere else keep track of those links so you can provide them in articles.

Evergreen Content

You may think that this type of content will only bring in short-term traffic, but I don’t agree. It may bring in a lot of traffic initially, but think about all the people that will not update their devices for a long time. And, think about those people that buy or are given old phones and will update one day. They will need help.

Using iOS 7

I am one of those people that sits back and waits to update because I find that if I wait a couple of weeks people will figure out (and write about) all the potential issues and problems that arise with them. I read this information to determine if and when I want to update.

Articles and videos that explain problems or show new features and how to use them are really helpful. You can actually target your audiences a bit in articles by explaining how new features, options or apps would be beneficial to your audience.

Some ideas for using the new OS for content:

  • Infographic – side-by-side comparison of operating systems with resources at the bottom. What do people need to know? What have they gained? What have they lost?
  • Tutorials – one for each new feature (think of older people that have no clue!)
  • Video reviews and tutorials of new features.
  • Tips and suggestions in any form of content marketing.

If you are prepared in regards to a newly released software or product you could among the first ones to provide great information millions of people could need. I suggest that you have possible article topics ready to go, video cameras ready and infographic designs done, as much as possible, ahead of time.

Don’t Forget Humor!

People love humor and funny images. Now is the time to take all the issues and crazy stuff you deal with when updating and create images that can be shared. With social networks you can drive significant traffic to your website or social profiles with funny images.

Anti-Apple Folks

You all have a huge voice! Be the first to say “I played with it and hate it and here is why…”. You can create all kinds of content and and you could even combine it with some humor.

Why is your device of choice better than Apple’s? What software advantages do you have? What should people know???


Everyone is concerned with privacy and who is watching. Someone needs to write about the latest privacy issues related to the OS and what settings must be changed to ensure privacy. A written or video tutorial might be good for those that are not tech savvy.

You Can Take Advantage of Events Like This

Basically, you have an opportunity to introduce yourself to audiences that may have never heard of you before. With iOS updates it really doesn’t matter what industry you are in; writing about it makes sense because so many people use Apple devices.

You can take advantage of big news events like this and create a lot of great, creative content. Preparation ahead of time and meeting the need of the reader is key. I suggest you have fun with it; be real in your articles and let people see what you really think and feel.