Most business owners nowadays have seen the leverage of social media as an efficient marketing tool for their businesses. They take the plunge into the social media bandwagon, adapting to the shifting ad paradigms. However, when the competition gets tougher, they attempt to take shortcuts and execute flawed social media marketing tactics. Before they know it, their businesses no longer exist.

To stay on top despite the tight competition, note that social media marketing entails careful thought process and strategic planning.


Simply put, social media is a “virtual lounge” where conversations take place. You have to engage in it and make your presence known.

  • Take time to know your competitors and their campaigns. What makes YOU different?
  • Evaluate your motivation. Are your campaigns consumer-driven or brand-driven?
  • Review your marketing plans. Do you deliver a one-sided conversation or do you initiate interaction?

Keep in mind that a holistic development of your social marketing campaign requires you to engage in communication to harness your brand for your audience.


It takes a creative and strategic campaign to gain an aggressive advantage over your competition; but it takes two-way communication to win your audience over.

  • Define your target. Know what they want and deliver it to them.
  • Set concrete and measurable goals. Map out approaches to achieve them.
  • Utilize available resources.


Your action plan and strategies do not produce results unless you execute them.

  • Identify the medium in which you can effectively reach out to your target market.
  • Be transparent as you naturally and effectively engage your brand.
  • Seek advice and ask for assistance from a reputable online marketing service company. Social media experts will help you optimize your content development and marketing campaigns.
  • Constantly re-invent. Monitor the trends and adapt to consumer needs.

Boosting your online presence and expanding your virtual community employs strategic marketing efforts. If you want your business to continually create buzz and stay visible among your target market, you have to build a strong groundwork for your social media marketing.

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