Keyword research is considered as one of the important factors of search engine optimization. When done right, it can provide great return on investment. But if you don’t know where to start, you can use free SEO tools or seek help from an online marketing company. That way, you’ll know that you’re treading towards your website’s success.

Listed below are tips on how to research and use keywords that can boost website traffic.

Identify Your Main Keyword

Knowing what your website is all about lets you choose the right main keyword for it. However, make sure that it has a high search volume but low competition. Once your main keyword is identified, you should apply it throughout your website.

Use Relative Keywords for Your Site’s Pages

A website consists of number of pages. Each page must have its own relevant keyword, other than the main keyword that you’ll use throughout the site. This will help your website compete well in the search engine.

Integrate Your Keywords

Knowing what keywords to use is not enough. You should also apply it on your entire website. Put your keywords in strategic places on your site like in the title, main and sub headings, and Meta descriptions. You can also execute a link building campaign to help your website’s page rank.

SEO is all about keywords; you should conduct thorough keyword research if you want to boost your website’s page rank.

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