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Hua’s IM Tips: Your Reputation Sinks Without Quality Links

If you think getting listed higher in search engine rankings is still based on creating tons and tons of backlinks, then you’ll be surprised to find your website hitting rock bottom.

Search engine ranking is not a game of numbers anymore. Google now counts quality more than anything else, and this applies not only to the content, but also in the quality of your links. Your reputation is at stake if you simply ignore these changes because more and more sites are adopting this new Google standard.

If you’ve been using backlinking software programs to stuff your website with loads of backlinks, you might want to reconsider your ways. A good online marketing company would only consider top-notch, high ranking websites for backlinks. You can’t expect anything positive for your rankings if you still follow the old “quantity over quality” idea. Since page rank translates to your online reputation, finding your website at the bottom of the search engine pit won’t be beneficial for the products or services that you offer.

If you don’t want to get buried by competition, do yourself a favor and always aim for quality when it comes to backlinking. Scrap the quantity for quality idea, or else your reputation will sink without quality links.

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