4 Steps To Implement Graphic Design Ideas in Your Content

Christy Walters


August 4, 2022 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

tracing paper on a light box to show how to implement graphic design ideas

Does your team have a treasure trove of great graphic ideas to level up all your brand content? Having a stockpile of great ideas is a great idea, but sometimes the ideas aren’t the tricky part but figuring out how to use them is. Today we’re sharing four easy steps to implement graphic design ideas and turn them into useful content for your brand.

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How To Implement Graphic Design Ideas

Use these steps to learn how to take your team’s graphic design ideas and turn them into projects for your company or clients:

1. Choose the Purpose

Why are you creating a new design? The answer to this question may depend on your industry or the specific project. As a company, you may work on rebranding, creating signage for advertising, or decorating a space for an event. As a marketing agency, you may receive project proposals from clients telling you what types of materials to create. Knowing why you’re creating the design, where it appears, and how the client intends to use it can help your research and the actual design process.

2. Identify the Audience

You may know the purpose of the design, but who do you want to see it? Knowing the audience is just as important as understanding why you’re creating the design. Is it for children or adults? Is it for business or pleasure? Many times, the audience is the same as the target audience for your business.

But, if your company provides many products or services, some of your graphic design projects may cater to a specific subset. Understanding the demographic details of the audience, such as age, gender identity, and geographic location, can help you implement your ideas more effectively to appeal to them.

3. Add Only What’s Necessary

Each element in your design should have a reason for being there and help convey your message clearly and invitingly. You may see a lot of great ideas when browsing, and that may inspire you to incorporate many unique elements into the project. But if you’re adding something just because you want to stuff in a cool idea, it’s not serving any purpose. You can save ideas that don’t suit a particular project for another that you work on later.

4. Create Your Final Project

tracing paper on a light box to show how to implement graphic design ideas

Image via Unsplash by @kellysikkema

Each designer has their own creative process to bring the actual finished product to fruition. Some start with pencil-and-paper sketches, while others start with computer designs. Each one uses a different tool or host of tools to make things look just right. The process may also vary depending on the client or type of project. Your team and designers know what works best, so let them follow their personal process to complete the design.

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