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March 6, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

Just like our content clients, our connections clients are after specific requirements and standards in every connection we build. In order to fulfill the client’s desires and have our connectors know the ins and outs of a particular campaign, style guides must be present.

Raubi did a great job highlighting the ways to create style guides to get a big group of writers on the same page. Style guides for content creators is an absolute necessity. Recently, we’ve taken the approach of style guides and applied them within our Connections. We saw the benefits immediately, for both our clients and our staff.

What to Include


Lay out the client’s SEO metrics and guidelines clearly so there is no question. At CopyPress, we have tier levels that represent specific sets of metrics so it’s easy to include these tier names for both the client and connector to know the exact requirements.


What type of audience is your client’s campaign looking to target? Are they trying to target a UK audience? The parenting scene? Whatever type of crowd/region/lifestyle they are trying to reach out to make it known in the guide. This way our connectors know who to outreach to. If there is more flexibility with this, provide examples of sites that the client wants to go after.


Does the client want to build connectors in the tech space? Or are they looking to go on health publications?

Anchor Text Placement

Clients may have specific guidelines for where they want the anchor text to be placed. Do they require the anchor text and URL to be placed within the main body? Are author bio links allowed? All vital pieces of information to be added to the guide.

Type of Content

Do they have requests for a specific word count? Topics to be written about? Topics to be avoided? Discussing this with the client and adding it to style guide will help in ensure that the published articles are not only placed on quality sites but are written with quality standards.

The Do’s

Showing examples of the sites our clients do want is a definite plus and advantage for our connectors to know exactly what sites to target.

The Don’ts

Like the do’s, showing the don’ts are a necessity. Our team needs to know the restricted list and the type of sites that we need to steer clear from. The best way to do this is to come up with a blacklist of sites. This way we can get a good idea of what we should avoid.

Client Benefits

With a style guide presented to the client based on the needs they have conveyed to you, they will rest easy knowing that the project is going in the right direction. The style guide process may take a few revisions to ensure that everything is mentioned accurately and unmistakably.

Connector Benefits

With so many campaigns with different requirements it’s difficult to keep track of what goes with what. Style guides make the process of distinguishing the rules for each campaign easily. The questions and doubts they will have throughout the process will all be answered by one inclusive guide.

The End Product

The benefits of style guides for Connections are endless and will determine the overall success of the campaign. Don’t forget, the customer truly comes first and crafting a style guide they understand and agree to is key.

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