For businesses, branding is an important part of establishing their identities and setting themselves apart from their competition. While most companies implement branding in the marketing of their products, they often fail to establish a full brand identity for their company. Effective branding can reduce the amount of additional marketing that your business requires and will keep you established in customers’ minds for years to come.

What Goes Into Defining Your Brand?

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To establish your company brand, you will have to start with a clear definition of who you are as a company. To begin, ask and answer the following questions to establish the identity and voice of the company you are trying to portray.

  • Who are you and what is your business mission?
  • What are the key benefits your customers can expect from your products and services?
  • How do current customers view your company?
  • What qualities would you like to portray to customers and prospects?

Once you have clearly answered the above questions, you will have the answers to how you will want your business to be viewed by the world.

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Steps to Implementing Your Brand

Now that you know the benefits, the message, and qualities you want to convey to your customers, you will need to take the following steps to help implement your brand and create your corporate image.

  • Create your logo — Your logo should be able to encompass your brand image at a glance. Remember that this will probably be a customer’s first glimpse of your company, so be sure that it is relatable and fits with the products and services you offer.
  • Verbalize your brand message — Write down your company and brand message and make sure that it is included on internal documents for employees and managers so they can convey the message at all times.
  • Identify your voice and tone — Determine what type of voice you would like to use to represent your business. Are you going for a more casual vibe? Conversational? Formal?
  • Create a tagline — Try to capture the essence of your company’s brand and message into a tagline that can be used on all printed pieces and correspondence.
  • Come up with standards to be used for your marketing materials — Design a marketing packet that will include your brand standards such as ink colors, logo size, fonts, etc., so that all of your marketing materials are consistent.
  • Stay consistent — One of the most vital things to realize when establishing your brand is to stay consistent. You should use the same branding on all marketing and correspondence between customers, vendors, and prospects.

How to Implement Your Brand in Your Content

An essential part of conveying your brand message is through content marketing. There is no better media to establish tone, voice, and message than through your business content, so utilizing this medium is key to furthering your brand image. To ensure your content reinforces and promotes your brand, you will need to keep in mind the following ideas.

Identify Your Target Audience and Establish a Connection With Them

When creating your content, you will first need to identify your target audience as well as what stage of the buyer’s journey they are in. Create a fully realized customer persona and include what things will motivate them to make a purchase, what types of problems they may encounter, and their basic demographics. Once you have determined all the details of your customer, decide on a tone that will speak to them the most and what types of solutions and offerings will help you establish trust with them.

Find a Style and Tone That Conveys Your Message

A writing style that is consistent not only will help your pieces flow from one to the other but will help you create an established image that readers can identify when reading your company’s various forms of content. It should appear that all of your pieces come from the same individual to help with your brand consistency and build trust.

Keep Your Message Consistent Even Through Varying Content Types

A good content plan will include multiple forms of content including white papers, blog posts, email marketing, social media posts, and web content. When creating any form of content for your brand, make sure that the same message is clear through all forms of the content. Remember that keeping the message in the forefront of the reader’s mind is part of the process of establishing a memorable brand.

Establish Trust With Your Core Readers

Readers are looking for reliable and authoritative sources when engaging with your content. If you can help them solve their problems and become a reliable source for them to gather information, they will begin to link your company’s brand image in their mind as an entity that is reliable and trustworthy. Once this trust is established, you will want to maintain it from engagement to customer delight.

Reinforce Your Brand Through Social Media

Social media is becoming a vital part of reaching target customers and attracting a wider audience. You should carry the same branding content techniques over to your social media posting so that your message and voice are clear across all marketing channels.

Review Your Message and Make Sure It Is Still Consistent With Goals

It is always good practice to review your brand message from time to time and make sure that it stays consistent with your business’s current and future goals and is relevant to the target audience. Determine a set amount of time to review your marketing and branding approach. This lets you make any tweaks you need to obtain your long-term goals and assess which aspects of your marketing plan are working and areas where you may need additional help.

Use the content strategies above to help create and reinforce your company’s brand image and solidify your company in your customer’s and prospects minds. If you need help creating content or establishing your brand or voice, hiring a skilled content strategist or content writer can be the difference in the success of your company’s content marketing branding efforts.

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