You may be familiar with the importance of a blog calendar and marketing strategy, but have you considered the proper mix of media for your posts? You can easily build consistency with basic blogs, but these shouldn’t be the only feature in your content calendar. The proper mix of pieces will help you diversify your content and keep your audience engaged. Consider supplementing those core articles with some bold new features to add interest to your content blend.

Push Information With Infographics

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Traditional written content certainly has its place in your marketing strategy, but it requires a certain level of focus for your reader to get to the heart of an article or blog. Visual pieces like infographics or video content are a valuable addition to your content mix because they’re instantly engaging and quickly consumed.

An infographic excels at presenting complex data in a simple and understandable format. What a reader may have to slog through several times in text, he or she can absorb in an instant when it’s converted to an infographic. Any time you have a data-heavy point to press, an infographic is worth consideration. You can make dull statistics pop and present even the most complex topic through a crystal-clear lens with this type of content.

Target Millennials With Video

Video content is particularly popular with the millennial audience. Half of all YouTube viewers are between the ages of 25 and 44. Time spent on YouTube videos has increased 60 percent year-over-year. Each month, viewers consume roughly 3.25 billion hours of video content on the site. Adding video to your content mix offers an easy way for customers to consume your content with minimal effort. Scanning, scrolling, and reading are unnecessary when they have a striking video to tune in to.

Keep your interest and appeal levels high for the best chance of success in this landscape. Competition is stiff, and viewers will click away from a bland video as quickly as they’ll leave a dull blog post. Incorporate humor, shock value, or intrigue, however, and you can draw your viewers in for not just one video but an entire series.

Engage Viewers With Interactive Content

Interactive content is one of the most engaging options you can find. An interactive quiz asks for direct responses from the viewer, then provides a personalized experience at the end. This serves myriad purposes for your content marketing strategy. Interactive pieces are highly sharable, particularly when they return a quiz result. Regardless of the accuracy, users are likely to share their results, particularly if they find them intriguing or humorous. You need only spend a few moments on a social site like Facebook to see the success of this type of interaction.

Other types of interactive pieces can supply the user with valuable information they didn’t know how to access. Consider a piece that inputs the user’s birthdate and delivers numerology information or gathers vehicle information to make tire recommendations. Think about what your audience most wants to know, then develop interactive content that will engage them in the journey to find their answers.

Encourage Subscriptions With Valuable E-Books

An e-book is a much larger piece of content than your traditional blog or article. Though it requires a more significant investment of time and effort, drafting an e-book for your content mix can equip you with a valuable giveaway. Marketers often use e-books to encourage email subscriptions. The offer of this valuable freebie may just tip the scale in your favor if a visitor is wavering on whether to provide contact info.

In exchange for the e-book, you’ll get a new lead. You can then use this potential customer’s email address to provide other marketing content that may eventually drive a sale. If you’re struggling to find a way to get new subscribers with your current content mix, consider putting an e-book into the blend.

Draw Industry Interest With White Papers

White papers are authoritative publications designed to offer in-depth reporting on a tightly focused topic. These are best for engaging with B2B customers, though this certainly isn’t their only potential use. A white paper will help you reach a fact-hungry audience looking for in-depth information. Adding white papers to your content mix will give you the opportunity to fully explore a particular product, solution, concept, or philosophy.

You can use a white paper to share study results or illuminate a smart new technique you’ve developed. White papers are also effective for showcasing your research on a topic. A well-crafted white paper will establish your thought leadership and industry expertise. Even if your audience doesn’t always consume the entire piece, they will walk away with a sense that you’re a reliable source of information on this matter.

Catch Busy Consumers With Podcasts

Audio content is a unique addition to your mix in that it doesn’t require the customer to sit down at a computer or pull out a smartphone to consume your content. This is the ideal option for busy individuals who need to be on the move. People can listen to a podcast in the car, during a morning jog, or via home speakers as they cook dinner or clean the house. If you’re reaching out to a busy demographic that’s always on the go, a podcast may offer the perfect way to work your content into the customer’s busy lifestyle.

An Edison Research survey found that 40 percent of Americans age 12 and up have listened a podcast. Nearly a quarter have done so in the last month. Today, 60 percent of Americans are familiar with podcasting, which indicates a 22 percent increase over just two years. This is a growing trend that you can jump into by offering some of your content in an appealing audio format.

A content mix is important because it allows you to engage with your consumers on multiple levels. Whether they’re after a quick bit of visual information, or they want to settle in and listen to a detailed discussion of the matter, you can deliver what they want when you’re offering a diverse collection of content.