Infographics offer an engaging way to bring otherwise dry data to life. The massive popularity of these visual pieces has lead to an abundance of infographics littering the internet, many of which are lackluster at best. Content marketers are left with the key question of how to make their designs stand out in a crowded landscape filled with graphic-heavy pieces.

Though you’ll find a plethora of easy design tools available on the internet, the bare basics won’t cut it in today’s competitive design landscape. To make your infographics truly pop, you’ll need to work with the latest trends and styles. Viewers expect vivid infographics that do more than offer a static image of the information. Infographics with movement, animation, and interactive features are sure to capture your audience’s attention, even when you’re going head-to-head with others in your industry.

Choose your visuals carefully and strive for designs that are distinctive. Graphics that are too simple or generic won’t give your pieces the oomph that you’re after. Keep your branding in mind and aim for a style and color palette that will support your brand while enhancing your content. Consider ways that you can go above and beyond your standard imagery to try something new and intriguing.

Creativity is key when you’re working with infographics and interactive media. Think beyond the boundaries and find ways for your pieces to draw viewers in, engage them with valuable information or fascinating facts, and finally encourage them with the right call to action. Check out the following infographic for more trends you’ll want to follow.

Infographic design trends

Introduction written by Mandi Rogier

Infographic created by Kelly Quigley