Two weeks ago CopyPress Community launched the 2013 State of Freelance Writing Survey. The initial findings have confirmed some assumptions as well as highlighted some unexpected insights.

  • 61% of freelancer writers are dissatisfied with the amount of money they make.
  • 72% of freelance writers expect to make more money next year.

These two stats aren’t surprising. We guessed that most freelancer writers would want to grow their business and start making more money doing what they love. That is the reason for the survey in the first place.

We want to learn about a writer’s world in order to identify the things that need to change so writers can secure a better place in freelancing writing — particularly related to online marketing.

  • Only 30% of surveyed freelancer writers are currently working in print.

Print is no longer the primary place for freelance writers to find work, and the best platforms for finding work and gaining exposure are moving online. But many writers are struggling with making that transition and are confused about writing online.

  • 71% of writers are very unknowledgeable/somewhat unknowledgable about Google Authorship

While marketers are starting to understand the value that Google Authorship will bring to businesses and brands, far too many writers are unaware of how this will affect them

Only 22% of participants had one or more publications linked through Authorship, and 40.5% didn’t even know how to link a publication. But 40% think Google Authorship should be important to them, proving that they want to learn.

  • 65% of writers are interested in furthering their education in regard to freelance writing.

Freelancer writers are ready to learn new skills that will help them grow their business in the new landscape of online freelance writing. Many writers wrote in that they want to learn more about SEO and marketing. They know there is more to freelancing writing than just writing.

They also know that things need to change in order for real writing to come to the web. They want credit and fair financial compensation for their work.

  • 66% of writers say that receiving a byline has some impact on the quality of their work.

That is a pretty big number considering 50% of writers receive bylines on less than 25% of their work and only 7% always receive bylines. Writers want their names on their work, and they want to be paid fairly for it.

  • 81% of writers receive low pay rates/quotes from clients often or very often. 

How much they want to be paid is not as high as you might think. Writers have reasonable requests for wanting fair pay and recognition for their role as online content creators.

But we aren’t going to give away all of those insights… yet.

We are still collecting data through our survey that runs until 8/15/13. So if you are interested in this data and the data to come, help us make sure we have a deep sample for our survey.

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Writers are becoming an increasingly important factor in online marketing efforts so it’s time we figure how they fit into the equation. The 2013: State of Freelance Writing Study will help us crack the code, so thanks in advance to all who help spread the word.

All freelancer writers who participate in the survey will be entered in a drawing to win a free 16GB Apple iPad 2 (wifi only). Survey ends 8/15/13 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be notified via email on 8/19/13. Sign up for CopyPress Community to be notified of when the 2013: State of Freelance Writing Study is published.

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