CopyPress does a lot of things well. We can create quality content at scale. We can design killer infographics. We make important connections. Well, we also have a fantastic influencer program that sets both the influencer and the client up for success. Our influencer program is only growing and improving, so read on to find out the ins and outs of this program and the steps we take to achieve success.

 1. Initial Outreach


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The first step is finding the influencers, or influencer outreach. We’ve put together a great outreach team that recruits influencers from a wide assortment of industries. Some of the industries include travel, tech, home, DIY, and parenting. We do this by emailing influencers directly, reaching out to them through social media, or contacting them through their website.

The CopyPress influencer program is inclusive. If you have a blog covering related topics, you can register. We are open to looking at anyone who is interested.

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If the influencers who do apply aren’t a fit for current projects, we have them in our system to reach out to for future projects they’d be better suited for. Having a large number of influencers with expertise in all sorts of different verticals allows us great flexibility. We can be ready to take on clients within a wide variety of industries.

If CopyPress doesn’t have any influencers currently in our repository, our outreach team does what they do best. They’ll find influencers in your niche and push them to our registration site, building a team of influencers to get to work on your project.

2. Registration

Once our outreach team finds great influencers, they drive them to our Community registration page to sign up for CopyPress’ Community. When influencers register, they tell is if they would like to be an influencer as a blogger or through social media. They provide us with some personal information including their name and email, and they tell us about their blog.

When the influencer is registered for our Community, a profile is created where they can show off any badges they earn when they take our certifications and read our guides, display items they’re proud of in a portfolio, and describe themselves and their interests. They can also make connections with other members of the CopyPress Community.

Registration also links the influencer to our internal creative tracking program. It is here that we manage all relevant information about the influencer. All influencers are stored here and ready for work when it’s time to start a project.

3. Clients

There are many types of projects CopyPress handles for clients using the influencer program. Each project is different for the needs of each client. The types of projects we work on include writing and publishing an article with a link back to the client’s site, writing about a project or event, or republishing a piece of content from the client. It can get even more involved when we combine publishing with sharing socially.

Wit step two done, all of our influencers are ready to get to work. The next step is getting a client who comes to us to promote their content in a specific vertical. The client gives us parameters they’re looking for in an influencer. These metrics include how many followers an influencer has, what their website traffic is like, what industry they blog in, and what the DA of their site is.

Along with the specifics the client provides, they also provide a budget. This budget is important, as it determines whom we can reach out to, how many people we can use for the project, or how wide the scope of the project can be. We use both the specifics and the budget to move on to the next step.

4. Secondary Outreach

We take our allowed budget from the client and the parameters they’ve provided and reach back out to our repository of influencers, sending out offers to only those who match the specified criteria. Our creative tracking program allows us to quickly and easily sort through the influencers we have on top to narrow down exactly the people we’re looking for.

When influencers express interest in the initial specifications, we send them more detailed information about the project. The influencers take a closer look at the project and decide to make the final commitment to join the project or pass if they feel they don’t have the experience required to successfully complete the project.

If we don’t get enough interest with our first pass, we will go back to step one and start initial outreach again to grab some new influencers who are up to the task.

 5. Project Beginning

If the influencer accepts the project, it’s time to move forward. CopyPress facilitates the project with the influencer. All of our work is done through our CMS, the content management system. In the CMS, the assignment gets placed into a campaign. The campaign has a style guide that dictates the specifics of the project, including formatting, word count, and special instructions.

The assignment is then assigned to the influencer. The influencer must accept the assignment before they can start working on it. Accepting the assignment reminds them of the basic instructions of the project, as it shows the project name, instructions, and style guide.

An editor is also assigned to any content an influencer writes. Of course, depending on the project, the editors may not edit too heavily if the content shouldn’t deviate at all from the influencer’s writing style. In this case, the editor may stick only to correcting any grammar errors.

If content needs to stick to strict style and voice requirements, editors review the work even closer, fixing any larger problems they may see and sending work back to the influencers if there are major changes to be made. Influencers and editors communicate through the CMS, leaving comments on the assignment.

Once the editor approves the work, it goes through our QA process as an extra filter to catch any small mishaps that may have slipped through. We pride ourselves on keeping our error rates low, so our multi-tier approval process is an important piece of the puzzle.

6. Finished Product

When the work is complete, we collect it from the team. If the client has requested to review the work before publishing, we send it to the client for final approval. It’s important that clients are comfortable with how we handle the finished product once the project is complete.

Some clients prefer to approve work before publication if it’s more detailed and has thorough requirements. Some clients allow us to publish on completion if they’ve worked with us on a continuous basis or if they trust the work is straightforward.

When work is completed and all parties are satisfied, influencers are scheduled for payment based on the extent of work completed and the agreed upon price per project or price per word. This is pre-negotiated to avoid any confusion.

If the client is happy with the finished result, we continue our relationship to keep promoting their content and/or their website.

Why Influencers Are Helpful

It may seem like just anyone can write a social media post or an article to promote their website. However, influencers are especially advantageous for our clients. Depending on the quality of the influencer (typically the higher the quality, the higher the cost), they come with a certain amount of clout, or internet street cred. They have taken the time and put in the work to organically develop a follower base. These followers have a genuine interest in the topic the influencer blogs or shares about. The more followers the influencer has, the more people see your post.

Another perk of this? Quality influencers have some true authority in their space. Not only do they have the followers, those followers trust the influencer. The followers listen to what the influencer has to say. If the influencer is touting your site as a great resource, even with the disclaimer that it’s sponsored, the followers know the influencer cares enough about their personal brand that they wouldn’t post about just any site. They post what they believe in. Their reputation is at stake for it.

You want your content seen. You want your site seen. CopyPress’ influencer program is the perfect way to accomplish this. It’s a win-win for both the client and the influencer. The client gets aligned with a trusted influencer in their space and gains the attention of the influencer’s followers, and the influencer gets to partner with a brand or site they believe in.

The CopyPress Team works hard to ensure our clients’ needs are met, no matter what they may be. We have had great success with our influencer program, and are only growing and improving it. If you have any interest in promoting your content, CopyPress can help you come up with the best plan for your business. When you succeed, we succeed. Put our expertise to use.

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